Heritage Structures of Vizag In Need of Proper Documentation

heritage structures

The absence of official documentation for heritage structures in the city and the lack of a register with details of their original style and the condition they are in now makes conservation of these buildings a huge challenge.

Professor G Viswanadha Kumar of the Architecture Department at Andhra University has studied the architectural styles, typologies and status of the 44 heritage structures in the city and says documenting the details of these structures, explaining their history and original designs, will go in a long way to keep them intact as and when construction, refurbishment and repair works are taken up.

Of the 44 heritage sites in the city, 23 sites reportedly have a British colonial architectural style. Six have Hindu and Indo-Saracenic styles, three have Islamic styles, two to Buddhist style and one comes under scientific category. “The vaulted structures and domes of many heritage buildings are very unique as they are built in a different period of time born in various places. It is really great to have such structures in our city and need proper restoration to keep them intact,” the professor told DC.

A heritage register can be prepared by analysing the condition these structures are in scientifically and such a register will help decide which of them are in need of immediate conservation. The restoration and conservation works that were taken place at the Buddhist complexes of Thotlakonda and Bavikonda have received flak from heritage conservationists as they flouted norms and failed at keeping the structures intact. The professor also expressed concern over not having a Heritage Committee.

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