4 students of GITAM Dental College takes us through their campus life

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Students of GITAM Dental College

A fun-filled campus life is an integral part of the students at GITAM, Visakhapatnam. Here’s a glimpse at some of the young minds in the University’s Dental College.

Tarani Paspuleti, a huge fan of Virat Kohli, feels that college life is something that she’ll definitely miss after graduating.

Favourite Lecturer

‘Hima Bindu ma’am has had a great influence on me.’

Subject she dreads

‘Prosthodontics, any day!’

‘Adda’ near college

‘We love hanging out at D Cabana.’

Bunking spot

‘I find the library to be the ideal place to escape to as it has just the right ambiance with not many lecturers around.’

Sreejitha Ganta is the one who tries to strike a balance between her studies and the campus life-fun.

Moments for a lifetime

‘I would definitely miss all the wonderful moments but thankfully, I have collected a truckload of memories to cherish for a long time.’

Favourite memory

‘Difficult to mention one. From texting during the lectures to tricking the security guards, there is a gamut of experiences close to my heart.’

Ragging experiences

‘We did have our fair bit of “interactions” with our seniors. Luckily, I never faced any problem as I was very cordial with them.’


‘I love working out. I even play basketball and badminton to relax.’

Rohit Vadlamani is a typical graduating student who gets through his exams just in the nick of time.

Views on Ragging

‘Ragging, if restricted to a certain limit, is a healthy activity as it encourages amicable relations between the seniors and the juniors.’

Most embarrassing moment in college

‘Every student knows how embarrassing a “clueless-viva” can be!’

Favourite item in the college canteen

‘I like the Veg Thali which has a huge demand.’

Kranti Jasmin is a compulsive shopper and also a basketball athlete.

What you’d miss about college once you leave?

‘Sports is one thing I’ll miss for sure. The competitions which we participate in and the fun we have. I’ll miss all that.’

Usual hangout spot in the city

‘We usually hang out at Double Roti as we love the food and ambiance there.’

Support system

‘Trinath Kishore sir has been my much-needed support system throughout.’

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