The campus stories of 4 students from Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering for Women

Four girls of Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering for Women in Vizag give a peek into their college lives.


Sri Rugvi is a lover of coffee and all things vintage.

One thing you hear a lot about your Gayatri Vidya Parishad

“I get to hear quite often that our college is strict and the students here are super smart.”

A memorable moment in college

“When I gave a presentation to hundreds of people. It was exciting as well as gut-wrenchingly scary.”

Favourite teacher

“Rajeshwari ma’am. Apart from being sweet and smart, she also has an amazing collection of sarees.”

Canteen indulgences

“Meals can be delicious once in a while. A special mention to the daal though.”


Shivani is an all-rounder and the best person in class to borrow notes from.

How does it feel to be branded as a topper of the college?

“It’s a really good feeling but not always as fancy as it seems. With the ‘topper-tag’ come a lot of responsibilities!”


“Coding, playing chess, binge-watching YouTube videos and also cooking.”

Views on ragging

“I believe it’s a fun way to interact with the juniors as long as no one takes it too far.”

One thing you wish your college would change

“I wish our college would organise more events so that the students get an opportunity to engage and socialise.”


Mounica Sruthi is a fun-loving girl who’s sociable and outgoing.

Favourite sport

“Volleyball has been my favourite right since childhood.”

Favourite hangout spot in the city

“Coming from Vijayawada, the one thing in Vizag that has enthralled me is the beach.”

Tell us about your hostel life

“From silly wars to sharing secrets, I share a special bond with my roommates.”

What do you plan to do after Engineering?

“I plan on doing my Master’s course in the US.”


Swathi Rekha is an ambitious girl who aims high in life.

One thing you’d miss about the college once you leave it.

“My friends, obviously. All the cool lecturers and the crazy times in the lab, everything would be missed once I’m done with my education here.”

Favourite college time pass

“Hanging out at the library and canteen to chat with friends and catch up with the latest gossip.”

Describe life at Gayatri Vidya Parishad in a few words

“Strict, resourceful and particular.”

Most dreaded subject

“Power Systems, please!”

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