Game of Thrones new season starts

game of thrones

It’s a festive season right now for all the Game of Thrones fans across the globe. The seventh season of the blockbuster TV series will be going on air from today and we just can’t control our excitement.

Written by George R.R Martin, GOT, as it’s famously called, had its first episode aired on the 17th of April 2011 and has struck a chord with the audience ever since. The show is currently the most followed one in the world and has a fan base that even includes several political linchpins such as America’s former president Barack Obama and Britain’s former Prime minister David Cameron among others.

So what is it that makes GOT so special? Right from the exhilarating theme song to the finishing bang of each season, GOT has kept its viewers hooked for each and every episode. The fantasy drama which runs high on technical aspects has some supremely choreographed action sequences and a tight screenplay. All the characters are unbelievably well written to fit right into an enticing plot filled with twists and turns. In fact, Some of the characters in the series have become so popular that real people are naming their kids after these GOT characters Above all, it’s the unpredictability and the suspense of the story that leaves everyone on the edge of their seats.

The last two episodes of the sixth season are easily among the best ones and the season had ended with some intriguing question of  who will occupy the Iron Throne and how are white walkers going to be dealt with.  All this and the season 7’s spell-bounding trailer have taken the expectations among the fans to another level and like all, we also can’t wait to see what’s in store this time around.

Valar Moghulis!

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