Hero Kabhi Retire Nahi Hote – Check out this cute Google ad

Google Father's Day Ad
Google Father's Day Ad

Google Ad : This 19th of June isn’t just another Sunday to laze around the beaches and cafes. Maybe you do something more, something for someone we take for granted most of the time and something more heart-touching?

You might or might not realize but the role of the most influential person in our lives is always taken by our greatest hero from day one, DAD. They protect us, guides us as our secret angel, provide us with strength, be our supporting pillar, loves us in spite of all the flaws, shows us to the world like we are his pride. What can we do for this man who puts our lives ahead of his? Bringing down the moon would be less if we’re being honest. So, what do we really do to show our gratitude to him?

This father’s day, let’s go beyond being materialistic; let’s not restrict ourselves to buying him a tie again. And by going beyond, I mean, thank him your heart out for being there for you. Tell him how much he means to you. Tell him that he is still your HERO. Also, by tell him, I mean really tell him in person before you convey to the world on social media and if you stay away from home, we think we have something that would make you call your dad right away.

Happy Father's Day in Advance

He could be growing old, retiring from his daily chores and start to feel weak. It is your time to remind him that he might be old but as your hero and inspiration, he only grows stronger, day by day.

Unko yaad dilao ki tumhara hero kabhi retire nahi hoga.

(Remind him that he will always be your hero.)

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