Dating Rules For Singles – Old v/s New


The times have changed and so has the scene for singles and the dating rules that apply now. Hers’s a funny look at Dating Rules – New v/s Old.

Now we all know that the entire game of flirting, dating, relating etc has changed. People have changed and so has the way of relating to one another. Some keep up and ace the game and other’s, well not so much. Never mind all that and look at it with a hint of humour and lots of sarcasm.

  1. How to score a date before the dating begins – Old: Hang around colleges, coffee shops, beach etc to have a look at the options around you and which of those options might just be interested. New: Click! Click! Click! Yayy…. I have a date my mate.
  2. Asking out right – Old: “Hi beautiful/handsome, would you like to go for a coffee?”Image result for flirting in coffee shops New: Checking if the person is online on Whatsapp/ Facebook, then – “Can’t stop thinking about you. Wat’s up?” and then it takes off onto a chat and a coffee of course.

  3. Dating, but where – Old: Flowers, candles, wine/mocktails and a fancy dinner/lunch. Image result for old rules of datingNew: Let’s go out for an adventure trip.Image result for couple kayaking

  4. Gifting while dating – Old: Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears etc etc random objects of low usage and high sentimental value.Image result for flowers and chocolates as giftsNew: iPhone 8/X etc, shopping trips, vacations etc.

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  5. Communicating while dating – Old: Long love letters written in red/pink/purple/glitter pen and poems copied from long dead poets.Image result for love letter New: Tag on lovey-dovey Facebook status, relationship status – committed, Whatsapp chats, Couple DP, etc etcImage result for facebook relationship status

Now there is lot more to add and the list is endless but hey let’s leave that for later and a little imagination. Now keep rediscovering for the field is for those who know the game and smart enough to play it. Best of luck folks!

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