More Than Just Chocolates Now @ Radisa

More than just chocolates - Radisa - Vizag

Taking the chocoholic haven to the next level, a restyled enriched Radisa with an augmented menu featuring chocolate and more opened in Waltair Uplands.

The Setting

Radisa has revamped itself while still sticking to its roots, the café caters to both chocoholics and health freaks now. The newly relaunched Radisa is a white and pink house with a glowing sign that invites you in. A green wall stands to one side while kitschy pink and neon bespectacled cow sculptures stand to the other side . Walk in and a wall offers you directions to the different sections of the house.


There is ‘Trupti’ – the indoor seating area with comfortable couches and chairs. To the right is ‘Cacao’ with its choco-lucious range of chocolates, brownies and other desserts. Next up is ‘Arogya’, a tiny room with a bookshelf and screen, where a healthy menu, motivating programmes being played on the TV and weekend workshops is the norm. The beautiful backyard, labelled ‘Uthana’ is the green zone where one can eat in the midst of greenery. The rooftop, called ‘Prakriti’ is lovely open space surrounded by window boxes with plants for yoga or parties.

The Fare

Radisa has a lot to offer on its menu for any time of the day. Most of the menu includes some form of rice, idli, dosa or sandwiches. For breakfast; it has options like the spicy Fried Idli accompanied by delectable chutney, Greek Dosa or Maggi Sandwich. For lunch one can choose from a range of biriyanis and home-cooked offerings like Paneer Tava Biriyani, Chettinad Dosa or the simple Avakai Pappu Annam. For those hungry evenings and nights, choose from anything between Schezwan Idli, Cheesy Dosa Roll or a Masala Toast.


Yo! Recommends

While the lip-smacking chocolate here is always recommended, try out their comforting Paneer Kotthu Parotta or Corn & Cheese Pancake. For those missing simple, home cooked food, try out the Coconut Rice or the humble Podi Avakai Annam. The health conscious can try out the new additions to the menu – a whole range of Indian dishes, including desserts, made from millet.


Timings: Breakfast (7-10 AM), Lunch (12-3 PM), Dusk to Dinner (5-10 PM)

Location: Waltair Uplands

*This article was first published in Yo! Vizag magazine in Jan 2017 Edition

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