Chandrababu Naidu lashes out at Vizag leader, calls him “unfit” to be an MLA

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Visakhapatnam North MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu raged against BJP leader and Visakhapatnam North MLA, Penmetsa Vishnu Kumar Raju on Friday. The TDP supremo minced no words as he launched an attack while responding to Raju’s comments at Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and his party leaders wore black on Friday as resentment to the “injustice” being done by BJP to the state. Commenting on this, Vishnu Kumar Raju said, “Although I might not hold vast experience in politics, I have seen different kinds of politics in the past few years.”

Taking a dig at the black-coloured outfits, the Visakhapatnam North MLA said that the TDP members had let down the ethos of the party by not wearing yellow.

Responding to these comments, CM Chandrababu Naidu came down heavily on Vishnu Kumar Raju. Pointing out that BJP had not granted any privileges to Andhra Pradesh, Naidu said, “My blood is boiling over the injustice done to the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh. Don’t you (Raju) have any shame in supporting your party? You (Raju) have no interests of a common man and are unfit to be an MLA.”

Chandrababu Naidu also pointed out that Andhra Pradesh was not served equally as compared to the other states. “Do you think there’s no one to question you? Will you send us to jail if we question you?” an agitated Chandrababu Naidu added before losing his cool on Vishnu Kumar Raju’s objection to his comments.

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