The Campus life at MVGR College

mvgr college

A bunch of aspiring Engineers from MVGR College tell us about the fun-facts of their college lives.


Podugu Sudharshini enjoys spending time with her friends and loves her college surroundings.  

Favourite Lecturer?

“Srinivas sir, who teaches us managerial subjects.”

What do you like about your course?

“The practical applications of the course are truly amazing.”

The best place to hang around in MVGR college?

“A pond near the Civil Department.”

What is your college famous for?  

“An eco-friendly environment and the strict faculty members.”


Pavan Kumar Pinnamaraju is a football enthusiast who aims high in life.   

The ‘Adda’ in MVGR College?

“We generally hang out at the ground and canteen. The open auditorium is a nice place to spend time with friends.”

The most lovable things about your college?

“I really like our labs. Also, the department day and fests are pretty special.”

What are your hobbies?

“Playing football and reading novels.”

What after Engineering?

“I plan on pursuing Masters in Business Administration.”


Pyla Jhansi is a lively girl who loves her college-life and cherishes every moment of it.  

Favourite hangout spot in the city?

“Pastry Coffee n’ Conversations”

Most embarrassing moment?

“The same lecturer caught me munching during her classes on two consecutive days.”

Most dreaded subjects?

“Thermodynamics and Engineering Drawing.”

One thing you’ll miss after college?

“I’ll miss plenty of things. Especially, gorging on food secretly during lectures and indulging in those inevitable gossips with friends.”


Jashwanth Thota is a fun-loving and outgoing guy who enjoys his college-life to the fullest.

One unique thing about your college?

“Our beautiful Admin block.”

Favourite memory of college life?

“Memories from the Fresher’s Day are too special for me.”

Canteen indulgences?

“Pani Puri and Noodles.”

Did you ever mass-bunk your sessions?

“Oh yes! We mass-bunked during the third year of Engineering.”

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