A list of books for the children to help them grow and learn

If food is fuel to the body, books are fuel to the mind and imagination. Indulge yourself and introduce your child to wondrous worlds, exciting adventures and inspirational developments through books.

Story time is the best time!

Where the Wild Things Are

where the wild things are


Author: Maurice Sendak

Year: 1963

Max puts on his wolf suit to create mischief and is sent to his room without supper. That night a forest grows in his room filled with wild things and Max crowns himself their king. But does his new role make him happy?

Charlotte’s Web

Author: EB White

Year: 1952

Charlotte the spider’s web tells of her love for a little pig named Wilbur and his human friend named Fern. A tender novel that celebrates friendship, love and life, this classic children’s literature has been described as ‘just about perfect’.


Author: Roald Dahl

Year: 1988

At the age of five-and-a-half, Matilda is a gifted child with an affinity for reading Dickens. She describes her inattentive parents as the ‘most idiotic parents that ever lived’ and is yet a lovable character that every child connects with.


The Story of Ferdinand

Author: Munro Leaf,
Robert Lawson

Year: 1936

Young Ferdinand would rather sit and smell the flowers than run and butt heads like the other bulls. While the charm of Ferdinand is enough of a lure, the lesson, the book imbibes about acceptance, is what makes it most cherished.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn

Author: Mark Twain

Year: 1876, 1884

Mark Twain introduced the characters of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to show that beneath the innocence of childhood lies the grim reality of adulthood. Through childish adventures, he manages to provide some much-needed visionary commentary on racism.


The Cat in the Hat

Author: Dr Seuss

Year: 1957

Dick and Sally are stuck at home on a cold day with nothing to do. But then, a giant cat in a hat shows up. Does it save the day, or wreck it? This signature Seuss classic has, through the years, changed the way children learnt how to read.


The Ruskin Bond Children’s Omnibus

Author: Ruskin Bond

Year: 1995

A collection of short stories all bibliophiles have grown up reading, Ruskin Bond knows how to highlight the charm of living a simple life. Witty and humorous, this excellent collection of stories chronicles the lives of people in Dehra.


Amar Chitra Katha 

The best collection of comics that literally everyone has grown up with! Covering mostly mythological and historical people, places and events, these comics have always been an integral part of childhood in an Indian household.



An ancient Indian collection of animal fables narrated through verse and poetry. Whatever work, found even today, is one that’s been translated from Sanskrit. These world-renowned inter-woven fables, that were once also translated to Persian, reminds one of Aesop’s Fables that originated in Ancient Greece.


Malgudi Days

Author: RK Narayan

Year: 1943

A favourite one amongst many Indians. A collection of short stories chronicling the lives of people living in the town of Malgudi, no Indian bookshelf is complete without this book. These stories that capture the true essence of India even managed to put the fictional town on University of Chicago Press’ Atlas.


Tenali Raman

A collection of stories, high on humour and intellect, they feature the fun, adventurous and witty Tenali Raman. Also fondly known as the VikataKavi, Tenali has been historically compared to Birbal and his stories are a South Indian folk classic.

These books are sure to make up for amazing learning and bed time stories and will help children to explore the world via words and letters. Hurry and buy all of these books now.

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