Things you are missing out in life if you are not a book reader

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Book reading perks explained by a bookaholic from Vizag: The thoughts of one person bank on the average thinking process of the top 10 people the person knows. Similarly, what lies in the beauty of reading a book is knowing about the people who are connected to the author. This is because a book contains the thoughts of the author affected by the thinking process of his dearest people. What will be your answer if asked how many people you would meet in your lifetime on an average? Well, statistics show that the figure ranges from 80,000 to 100,000 depending on how social a person you are. Ask the same question to a book reader and he will have 10 times greater number than that of a non-reader. Reading is a conversation. Apparently, whenever you read a book, you consciously have a conversation with the author and sub-consciously have one with the people he knew in his life. You subliminally touch their emotions, decisions, perspectives, circumstances and choices. Isn’t it an incredible feeling of realization that you are able to know and reflect a bunch of new humans whenever you take up a book!

Have you ever heard someone saying that reading a book is more fun than watching its movie version? That’s the imaginative competence every individual possesses. No matter how technically rich the movie is, one will always seem to like the self-imaginative version of the book which he/she will forever cherish. Oh, how can we forget the fact that books fill you with their language and vocabulary! There is always a new word or a new phrase from a book which just sits in your mind and gets you tempted to use it whenever possible. This helps in forging one’s language skills and develops confidence in speaking, writing and all the other ways of communication.

When asked how a reader is different from a non-reader, there are many bricks which build the wall. ”A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one”, said George.R.R.Martin in one of his books ‘A Dance with Dragons.’ A person who reads travels the world, savours plethora of cultures and traditions. Reading certainly aggrandizers people’s exposure by taking them all across the planet and providing them with sprightly experiences. It helps one choose the goods and bads, rights and wrongs and dos and don’ts.

Books are magic in papers. Experience as many as you can, meet as many people as they offer you and live as many lives as they let you live in this life.

– This article has been submitted to YO!Vizag by Sravani Raj Dhulipala of Bookaholics from Vizag.

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