The curious case of the flying bathtub.

justins bathtub

Celebrities and their antics have always been best friends, tour buddies or travel mates if you can call them so. The bigger your celebrity status, the crazier your demands are. Having your personal bathtub flown in for you is one such. Let us however not be judgmental because so much fun would go absent without celebrities and their idiosyncrasies. The gossip mills have to be kept running and fans engaged.

Making news and causing a laugh riot is His Highness Mr. Musically Your’s – Justin Bieber again. But he is not the celebrity here friends. His Tub is. It travels in style and nothing modest or humble about this tatty bathtub. Bieber is in demand for tours and his demand is his personal Jacuzzi. That makes it a wonder tub and a limelight hogger.

Justin Bieber has come a long way and his riders (read tour essentials mandated by a celebrity/performer) too. Everyone wants to accommodate him while organizing his tour and God forbid the man is not squeaky clean enough. For his recent gig at the Hyde Park, London the sanitary article in question was made to fly for the Canadian pop sensation. And why not? If you missed it in all the drama that happened for his tour to India, the flying bathtub touched our Indian soil too. Bielebers you have got your sensation in hygienic order and standards were not compromised in India.

Flamboyant? Yes. Practical at an event? May be no. Reinventing amidst so many like him, Justin Bieber sure demands creatively and let’s see how so. For his Indian Tour and others, the man has asked for (no, not requested) convoys of luxury sedans, yoga caskets and the entire oil, incense, flowers and all that jazz. The humidity got to him and we have laughed at the footage of him making a hasty concert getaway. Not our India for everyone, eh!!

So Bieber fan club laugh and rest easy. Your main man is big and a bathtub flown in is not too much for him. As for encountering a bathtub again, personal or otherwise, rest assured your perspective is forever altered.

Others among us, if you have your fancies taking flight then stardom and celebrity hood is your call. Alls well that cleans up well after all. What say?

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