Bibop Gresta speaks about implementing Hyperloop in Andhra Pradesh

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The recently concluded CII Partnership Summit in Visakhapatnam witnessed multiple technological and industrial firms coming forward to invest in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The 3-day summit also marked the presence of Bibop Gresta, Chairman, and Co-Founder, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. Hyperloop is deemed to be the futuristic mode of transport that would enable people to travel in a more efficient and sustainable way. Yo! Vizag got talking with Bibop and here’s what the man had to say on this ingenious technology making its mark in Andhra Pradesh.

The possibility in India

“India is being governed by smart people who want to apply the best technological solutions for the country. India is proliferating- the middle class is on a booming spree, world-class institutions are producing top-notch engineers, energetic young entrepreneurs are taking major strides-providing the perfect foil for a technology like hyperloop to establish and flourish. The country has immense possibilities on the commercial front too and that is why I am here.”

On implementing Hyperloop in Andhra Pradesh

“After meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister of Road Transport, Nitin Gadkari, I realized that India was looking to emerge as one of the world leaders. For the first time, I had met politicians who were determined to make things happen. I eventually, toured different Indian states to study the possibilities within each place and met the respective state leaders and Chief Ministers. When I met Mr. Chandrababu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh, I found an incredible ally who has a vision for the state and is very aggressive in implementing infrastructure.”

The project in Andhra Pradesh

“Andhra Pradesh has several densely populated cities and we employed a step by step approach towards implementing the technology in the state. We analyzed different routes and found the Amaravati-Vijayawada route to be the best possible one for implementing our first corridor here. Once constructed, this corridor will transport people and goods between these two cities, spaced 40 km apart, within 4-6 minutes.

We are focussing all our efforts on this project and even though it is a bit complex, it turns out to be truly exciting. We have reached the completion stage of the project’s feasibility study. The project can be completed within five years after being started and has the potential to change the entire ecosystem of Andhra Pradesh.

Our proposition to the government will suggest building the system with the help of private players; and a system that will allow the tickets to be priced at cheaper costs. Also, given the sustainability and efficiency of the technology, the investors will be able to recoup the funds invested.”

Experience in Vizag

“I love this place. It is beautiful. Vizag is truly the sunrise city of Andhra Pradesh. Also, it’s amazing how deep the culture is and how it has been evolving for thousands of years now.”

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