Best spots in Vizag to take the most ah-mazing Instagram pictures

With the growing hype of the social media, Instagram has more and more users and people have been flaunting themselves on this social media application. People of Visakhapatnam stand no back when it comes to clicking picture and Instagram is flooded with the beautiful pictures of the City of Destiny. So, if you look forward to capture some pictures for your Insta, check out these places coz the beauty and serenity of these places is AH-MAZING.

RK Beach

Being the most visited beach in the city, the RK Beach gives a beautiful view of the city port and also the Dolphin nose. Beautiful pictures can be taken here in any hour of the day capturing the sand and also the beautiful beach road which comes to life after dark.

Kailashgiri Hill

Scenic views of the entire city can be captured from the top of the hill. The Titanic view point gives the view of the long coast line which is mesmerising during the dusk hours and the beautiful garden uphill is attractive for nature photographers.

Tenneti Park

Located in the city, this park is a major attraction for people capturing sunrises. Beautiful sun rise can be seen every morning from this park and full moon nights are a treat for every human eye. The reflection of moon in the sea water is worth capturing which happens once every month.

Telugu Talli Flyover

Being the only flyover in the city, some awesome pictures can be clicked in the lonely night hours under the street lights. The bumpy roads and the beautiful plants placed on the divider gives a good scene.

Rushikonda Beach

Situated 6 kms away from the city, this beach has a beautiful view in any time of the day. The beautiful view of sea and the rocky mountains are worth looking. The stalls of handmade articles and the raging sea gives good captures in the morning hours.


This place is situated on the top of the hill and gives a good view of the long coast line. The blue sea and the wavy trees on the hill are soothing to the eyes on a bright sunny day. Some best shots from the city are taken in this place.

Yarada Beach

Located around 15 kms from the city, this is the cleanest beach in the city and is visited by many people all round the year. The fine sand and the rocky cliffs gives best panoramic shots. The best time to capture instagram pictures here is on a rainy day when you can click pictures on the mountainous way as well.


This again is a very scenic place to capture best images of the Bay of Bengal. The emerging Dolphin hills and the steep valley towards the beach is worth capturing. The best time to visit this place is during the dusk hours when the city lights begin to start giving a glittery view of the area.

Siripuram Circle

This is the best place to get the city panoramic captures. It gives the view of the elegant Dutt Island and the beautiful HSBC building with beautiful water fountains in the middle of the circle. Get on the top of any building near the circle and you have the photo of the day.

Vizag Port

The Visakhapatnam Port has huge ships standing at the port which is  elegant to see. The sea rides from the port gives breath taking images of the city and the Bay of Bengal and the fish market by side of the port. The huge ships and the fisherman community help’s to get good instagram pictures in the orange evening time.

If we missed out any of your fav place{s}, then let us know in the comments section.






Disclaimer: The above places are mentioned as per the writers knowledge.

Updated on 6-9-17

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