Gulab Jamun lovers, these are the places you need to raid ASAP

gulab jamun
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Gulab Jamun….  aah. Just the name of the delicacy is enough to get our mouth watering. It is just the starting of week and we definitely need some SUGAR RUSH to get us going through the week. While nothing can beat the taste of home -made Gulab Jamuns, it is not possible to make them every time we crave for them.  So for everybody with a sweet tooth, we get you the best places in the city where you get the most soft and perfect caramel coloured sugar syrup filled Gulab Jamun. Take notes.


The famous Chandu Sweets near the RTC Bus stand serves the most delicious and moist Gulab Jamun in the city. Their Jamuns are drenched in the sugar syrup and are topped with chopped almonds.  Also try the ‘Cham Cham’ if you happen to visit there.


This sweet shop in Dwarka Nagar is famous for their mouth watering Gulab Jamuns apart from their exquisite traditional sweets. The Jamuns are fried till perfection and drenched in sugar syrup with all the love. Also try the wide variety of namkeens available which are very yummy.


The famous Sweet India in CBM Compund have always been our fav place for pani puri and chats but along with it, they also serve the most delicious and soft Gulab Jamuns which are to die for. The ultra soft and delicate Gulab Jamuns hold the capability to make anybody happy. Try out the ‘Rasmalai’ if you visit this sweet store.


This is the place we usually go for all the sweet cravings but their Gulab Jamuns are exceptional. The heavenly Gulab Jamuns just melts in your mouth and are prepared to perfection. Try out ‘Kaju Katli’ if you visit this store.


This is yet another of our favorite store to buy sweets and namkeen. The Gulab Jamuns here are very inviting and toothsome. Also try the snack section just outside the sweet store which serves diff variety of Indian and Chinese snacks.


Known for its quality products, Sarvani sweets is spoiling their customers with lip smacking Gulab Jamuns which are very gooey and juicy. The amazing sugar syrup adds more joy to the Jamuns which over all comes as a BOMB sweet dish. Try out Motichoor Ladoo is you visit the store.


This sweet store in Asilmetta serves the most amazing Gulab Jamuns in the city and we are so happy. Their Gulab Jamuns are ultra soft and delicious and you just can’t have enough of them. Do not miss to try the Kalakand served by the store which is very delicious.

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