APSRTC to implement new features for the convenience of its passengers

Buses in city to offer a better experience to its Passengers

apsrtc buses
apsrtc buses

The Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC), is currently dealing with losses. The older buses in the city need to be replaced, while the newer ones need to be revamped. Also, the drivers riding these buses need to be closely monitored so as to ensures the safety of the passengers. Some of the public have even been complaining about the availability of a lesser number of buses on certain routes.

However, the regional manager of APSRTC, Mr. Sudesh Kumar has informed that the officials are adopting newer strategies to address the above issues. Additionally, many modern features are also being implemented to give the passengers an all new experience.

On improving the current services of APSRTC buses

Sudesh Kumar stated that their primary focus is to provide quality service to the passengers. He said that older buses are being rarely sent on to the roads. The buses which are out of shape are being remade into newer ones. As many as 100 buses’ bodies are being changed. An amount of Rs 70,000 is being spent in servicing these buses. Maintaining engine equipment, applying new colours to the flooring, seats, etc are some of the measures being taken to give the passengers an all new experience. He also confirmed that depending on the demand, the number of buses in operation will be increased.

Keeping a close watch on the drivers

Sudesh said that a passenger’s safety is the most important thing. In order to ensure a safe travel, APSRTC is adopting newer methods. In buses traveling longer distances, the driver’s cabin will be installed with CC cameras. These would keep a close watch on the driver’s driving methods. The CC cameras will not only help in gauging the driver’s expertise but also reveal who’s mistake was it in cases of accidents.

In fact, as compared to last year, the severity of the tragedies involving APSRTC buses has gone down. Moreover, even the driver’s health will be frequently monitored to keep a track of his mental and physical state.

Apart from these measures, RTC complex is also being modernized. Thanks to some donators, the officials are planning to install RO water plants at the bus stand. Additionally, HPCL is helping with Rs 65 lakhs to make basic facilities available to the passengers.


News credits- Eenadu


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