Delectable Spread of Pickles From an Andhra Kitchen

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Types of Andhra Pickles

Summer is a busy time for most South Indian households, because that’s when the pickling season begins. The ritual begins with choosing sour mangoes, cleaning and chopping them for making a wide variety of pickles. A tradition that passes down generations, the process of pickling changes from one household to another, with some also being particular of choosing an auspicious day before they start. The pickles once prepared are relished, bottled, packed and often shared with relatives and friends as well. The process is time-taking, but one that many traditional households indulge in with a lot of passion and love. And saluting that effort, we at Yo! brings you a delectable spread of pickles right from our Andhra kitchens.


Pronounced as Maagaay, this is made from sliced mangoes that have been dried out in the sun. While Magai can be relished as it is, many Telugu households also make a chutney called Maagaay pachchadi out of it, that is a great accompaniments for idlis and dosas.


Fiery red and mouthwatering, the Avakai is a staple pickle in many Andhra households. As delectable as it looks, it tastes divine when mixed with hot rice along with a dollop of fresh white butter.

Paccha Avakai

Toor dal rice along with Paccha avakai is another traditional Andhra combination that many swear by. With special Andhra spices lending it a different colour and flavour, we recommend that you don’t give it a miss.

Garlic Avakai

With ‘ava’ meaning mustard, and ‘kaya’ meaning fruit, this Avakai has the added elements of garlic, which tastes delicious when steeped in the pickle for long enough.

Green Gram Avakai

Another popular summer preparation is the Green gram avakai, where the added element lends a unique flavour. Usually made in smaller batches, this pickle has a unique flavour to it.

Pulihora Avakai

For those in favour of that extra tang, the Pulihora avakai is the pickle to reach out to. A traditional preparation that uses additional spices, it’s tough to stop just with one serving.

Sweet Avakai

The divine matrimony of flavour and taste, this sweet and sour pickle is the ideal accompaniment for many foods. While this goes recommended with curd rice, if you aren’t a spice lover head for this instead.

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