6 things that every student of corporate Junior Colleges will relate to

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The two years of intermediate leave us with an experience that is quite inexplicable. Many students undergo a rigorous training period during this phase in order to secure a “bright” future.
Studies kept aside, as always, we treasure many special memories from this 2-year-period as well. Apart from the horrendous rookie Facebook posts that we all cringe about now, there were a lot more things that bring a smile on our face whenever recollected.
So sit back and gear up to get all nostalgic as we present you some of the most common things that we all undergo as students at corporate inter colleges.

#1 A “prospective” brochure

From a canteen that offers food of the highest quality to a playground where students play sports with state-of-the-art facilities, the brochures of these colleges have it all. The reality, however, deals with aspects such as students playing book cricket for sports and eating heated stale curry puffs for snacks.

#2 The military training

Ever heard of the training rigours that the army has to undergo to qualify? Wait until you hear the training rigours of the students here to qualify for these “exams-supremo”. Be it a curriculum that pastes subjects on their foreheads or a timetable that nails them for as many as 12 long hours, or even the night time study hours, the tools here have the potential to prep them to tackle any disastrous threat in the universe. đŸ˜› (Just saying)

#3 Hit “shuffle”

Remember Rancho saying “Grade creates divide, sir, divide..”? Well, that dialogue goes for a toss here. Secure good marks and stay with the “cream” or get low marks and stay with the “others”. Pretty sure that Rancho, Farhan, and Raju could have been separated quite easily by Virus over here.

#4 Weekend exams

Count your days guys. A week here consists only 4 days as Saturdays and Mondays are preoccupied for the ever meritorious and puzzling exams. Wondering about what to do on Sundays? Don’t worry. You have a test on Monday.

#5 Error List, please!

For some reason, it is still believed that writing once is as effective as reading 10 times. Maintain a separate note where you “skillfully” rectify all your mistakes from the previous exam and watch them magically disappear in the next test!

#6 Where friends are everything

As anywhere, it’s our friends that come to our rescue here. From sharing negative marks in exams to combinedly being kicked out of the class for ridiculing the faculty, these guys are just gems.
What are your memories of this phase?

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