5 things every Visakha Valley School student would relate to

visakha valley school

Memories at school last really long and for most of the people, these memories probably are the best. Much similar to any other school, Visakha Valley School too, stands pretty special to its students. Here are 5 things to which most of the students of this school can relate to.

#1 The yearly school trip to zoo

Each time a picnic was scheduled, the one place the students were taken to was the zoo. Keen on discipline, the faculty even used to make the student walk in “lines” to hold their prestige.

#2 The school song

“Hark we boys and girls of Visakha Valley..,” was easily the most popular song for these guys while growing up. Screaming on top of their lungs to beam about their school’s pride was something they loved to do.

#3 The Computer Lab

“Vallians”, as these guys are popularly known, had a thing to brag about in the early days. Yes, we are talking about the computer lab. Also, in addition to enhancing their tech-skills, a few students would sneak into the lab for a few minutes in the AC! Phew!

#4 The Friday assembly

Ah! The classic case, and probably the only one, where their houses came in handy. Friday Assembly saw them stand together with their housemates.
Green – Bhabha
Red – Raman
Yellow -Newton
Blue – Edison

#5 The Annual/Sports day

The much-awaited event every year, Visakha Valley School’s annual/sports day witnesses multiple students take part in it with great zest and fervour. The only time probably when the teachers don’t mind the students bunking the classes.

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