5 things every GVP student is tired of hearing

gvp, visakhapatnam
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Gayatri Vidya Parishad (GVP) has certainly stood the test of time to be renowned as one of the premier institutes in Visakhapatnam. The college, which has several campuses in the city, accommodates a large number of students pursuing different streams of studies. Innumerable students from this college have come out with flying colours and have established successful careers in due course of time.

However, much similar to any other college, there are certain stereotypes attached to GVP as well. Here are 5 such things that every GVP student is tired of hearing.

#1 “All you guys are scholars!”

Each educational institution has its fair share of scholars. Agreed that the students here are renowned to produce marvelous results but that doesn’t mean each student is a scholar. Btw, this comes in handy when hanging out with relatives though.

#2 “You guys are so disciplined!”

Oh please! Agreed that the college has many rules and regulations to maintain discipline on the campus but there are always those who break the rules bruh!

#3 “You’re from GVP? Then you must be a vegetarian”

Please don’t ask this to the wrong people as they might end up eating you just to prove you wrong. But don’t worry dear “non veg-lovers”, chicken is always faithful and has got your back.

#4 “Why didn’t you join the Rushikonda campus?”

“Dude, you should have joined the Rushikonda campus. The beach is nearby and we could have hung out there all the time.” Please explain that you are not an Arjun Reddy (unless you are) who selects the campus on the basis of a beach’s distance to the campus.

#5 “You must be working at a software company”

Agreed again that the number of candidates who join software companies is high but that is not the only company that comes here for recruiting! Also, many students choose to pursue higher studies while others turn out to be successful entrepreneurs.

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