5 Reactions on the first weekend of 2020

first weekend 2020

As 2020 reaches its first weekend, normalcy returns in life, which can be a relief for some and a  disappointment for others. The culmination of 2019 was celebrated in spectacular fashion with parties and fireworks but now, it’s time to be back to reality. Duties await and life returns to wake-up-go-to-work-return-from-work-sleep-wake-up-again.

Here are five ways people react on the first weekend of 2020:

#1 Getting back to work


As the holidays come to an end, people have to return to their jobs, run behind deadlines and wait for the end-of-the-month paycheque. The first weekend of 2020 becomes a painful realisation for these people.

#2 Waiting for February


The first weekend of 2020 comes and people understand what a struggle this year is going to be. Life becomes slow again and you begin looking repeatedly at the calendar, waiting for the month to end.

#3 The year changed, life didn’t


It won’t take longer than the first weekend into 2020 for one to realise that this year is not going to be any different from the previous one. Problems don’t magically disappear and money doesn’t start growing on trees.

#4 New Year Resolutions start breaking


We all make resolutions as the clock strikes twelve on December 31, promising to turn our lives around. And then, those resolutions start breaking us day-by-day before we eventually let go.

#5 The age-old question returns


As life gets back to the same old, people around you start asking the same difficult questions that you couldn’t answer in the previous year. Questions like “What are you planning to do in the future?” start lingering around you, hoping to send your nerves wracking again.

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