10,000 Telecom Towers to be installed in AP


The Andhra Pradesh government is planning to install 10,000 Telecom Towers during 2017-18.The towers will be set up in 13 districts across Andhra Pradesh. These towers will help in the installation of smart cameras, CCTV cameras, WiFi access points and conventional lighting platforms.

In the month of July, the government set up a corporation called Andhra Pradesh Towers Limited (APTL) to handle the Telecom Towers Project. A Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been made for the project and the government is planning to install these towers in tribal areas and also cities like Vizag in the year 2017.

The government is looking for a private firm partner who will invest in this project as per the rules and guidelines set by the government. During this time, they will also decide a land for the project and complete these formalities by 31st of March, 2017.

The State government will allot public buildings bus stations and police stations for the private firms to install the towers. APTL is forming a technical committee to evaluate the Request for Proposals.

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