Vizag woman’s innovative way of presenting healthy food

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Sudha’s foray into millet-based food stemmed from her background of MSc Biochemistry, while a family history of diabetes often made her question the root cause. The venture of GoBharati in Vizag finally introduced her to the world of millets.

Wealth of millets

“Our kitchens offer many preventive medicines and millets isn’t new.”

With her research and study indicating that the older generation lived longer due to this wonder-food, she adds that this has slowly been replaced by rice and sugar, the two main culprits for the many conditions people suffer today, including diabetes. Millets, she shares, acts like preventive medicine. After her visit to GoBharati, she cooked millet-based foods first for her family and saw tremendous results. In fact, her research has indicated many anti ageing benefits too.

Journey towards health

“People in Vizag like to be healthy, and our aim is to help them achieve their goal.”

Heading the Vizag branch of GoBharati as a Manager, the venture networks farmers, institutions like ICRISAT, IMR etc. along with experts from diverse backgrounds. Having started Vizag operations in January 2018, Sudha started her journey through Visakha Utsav. She next participated at Pinkathon where she supplied food to the participants. “I observed people liking the food, and to some, I explained the benefits and ingredients as well”, she said.

She then started a small shop at Dwarakanagar that brings eight kinds of millets and forty products.


‘I saw that the gap often lies because many people want to convert to healthy food, but don’t know how.’

Though millets are rich in minerals and fibre, Sudha hit a roadblock with the products. This happened when customers who purchased, told her that they had thrown it away, as they didn’t know how to cook. Converting the challenge into an opportunity, she soon started a kitchen behind the shop. Following a popular khichdi preparation that uses vegetables, cow ghee and nuts, she now provides breakfast, lunch and dinner preparations at nominal rates. All millet-based foods like idlis, upma, khichdi, rotis and even sweets are prepared. With many opting for her meal-plans, people can book their meal a day in advance and both takeaway and delivery are offered.

Good for all

‘Millets are smart food, as they are good for the consumer, for the dryland farmer and also for the planet.’

Sudha opines that millets are for everyone, especially for children. “I feel that annaprasana should be done with these”, she stresses. Kids should be encouraged to have millets, through the many dishes that can be prepared with them, such as Frankies, cutlets and even pasta. The benefit of a wonder-millet shouldn’t be missed upon by our generation at least, she stresses. Their low glycaemic index makes them good for diabetics as well. Brimming with energy and more plans, Sudha next hopes to introduce her products to students studying Intermediate. “That is a formative age for the body, and snacks provided at colleges or at the vendors outside are unhealthy. Even if they have millets thrice a week, it would show a difference.”

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