Street Stories: How a fruit seller in Vizag struggles to make his ends meet

fruit seller vizag

Driven by compulsion, Pydiraju is a fruit seller who braves the scorching sun in Vizag each day to make ends meet. Selling vegetables and fruits to earn a livelihood for his family, this 40-year-old shares his tale with us.

“I have been in this trade for the past many years. Selling vegetables and fruits alternatively, I try to make the most of my day to earn a decent income. My day starts at 4 in the morning when I set out to procure the stock. While the vegetables are picked up near my home at Tagarapuvalasa, I buy the fruits from Gnanapuram. The varieties that go on sale keep changing depending on the season. I then go around the areas of CBM Compound and Ram Nagar in the city trying to sell the vegetables and fruits.

I have two sons. My elder son is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree at Bullayya College while the second one is currently in 10th grade. My wife takes care of the home. We are a happy family and try to get along with whatever little we possess.

The trade, however, has been on the slump in the recent past. The online sales of groceries have made life hard for those in our line of business. Worryingly, given the modern age of digital technology, the future doesn’t promise to get any better. However, I plan to continue in the same trade in the coming years. Hopefully, my sons would attain settled careers and uphold my high hopes on them,” the fruit seller from Vizag shares.

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