The campus lives of Fine Arts students from Andhra University

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The final year students of the Bachelors of Fine Arts (B.F.A) course at Andhra University in Vizag share their campus stories.


Vijay Surya is a Sculpting specialist, who is soft spoken and strives strives hard to gain mastery over his skill.

Inspiration in Sculpting

I am inspired by the works of Michelangelo.


In my spare time, I love exploring mobile photography.

Favourite hangout spot in Andhra University

At the banyan tree in our department.

Your most appreciated work

The sculpture of A.V.N College’s Founder won me many accolades.


Drakshayani Chippada from Vizianagaram specialises in Print Making. She’s the silent one who goes about her job unperturbedly.

Vizag attraction

I’m a beach lover and nothing else in the city attracts me more.

Favourite art form

Apart from Print Making, I love Drawing as it is the base for many art forms.

Most cherished moment

Every moment spent with my friends has been special for me.

One thing you like about your hostel life

I love the bond shared between all the hosteliers.


Kusuma Sai is a student of Painting. An outgoing person, she is hugely popular among her batch mates.

What interests you in Painting?

Water colours and Miniature Drawings.

Where do you like to hang out in the city?

Beach road, any day.

Favourite Lecturer

V. Ramesh sir

What will you miss about your college life?

From spending time on campus to receiving valuable feedback from my peers and professors, I’ll miss a lot after completing my course.


A specialist in Painting, Siva Prasad Reddy plays an active role in college events and enjoys life to the fullest.

Why did you choose Fine Arts?

I love creation and colours. Fine Arts has enabled me to explore my interests.

Most memorable moment

Exhibiting our work at Kochi Biennale Art Camp.

Favourite medium in Painting

Water colours and Pencil Drawing.

What next?

A Master’s degree in Fine Arts.

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