How destiny made a B.Com graduate from Vizag take up the driving profession

car driver, visakhapatnam

The unfortunate twists of destiny have made Rajesh Kumar, a B.Com graduate, work as a car driver. The man from Visakhapatnam shares his story.

“Be it cruising over the roads or trying to grasp the umpteen mechanisms involved, cars have always held me captive right since childhood. My father, who worked as a chauffeur himself, owned a car back then, which helped me learn driving at a very young age.

During my graduation, I felt responsible to lend a financial hand to my family, given our economic condition. Even though I worked hard towards getting into the defence sector, my dream didn’t materialise. However, determined to better the financial state of my family, I took up a temporary driver’s job. Later, in 2012, I worked at another place to earn my first monthly salary of Rs 9,000. I’m currently working for a lecturer who resides at Madhuranagar. I earn about Rs 11,000 a month and try to stay content with it. After the day’s work, I spend time with my parents and wife. We watch TV together and I, personally, make it a point to watch Pawan Kalyan’s films right on the release day.

My parents have worked hard and endured plenty of ordeals to provide us a decent standard of living. Now, after the marriage of my younger sister, taking care of my parents and wife are my top priorities. Along with working for my current employer, I’m also preparing for various government jobs, in the hope of making a better living. Also, I dream of building an orphanage, where kids would be helped with free food and clothing.”

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