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story telling is fun now

Do you have a great story and want to share it with the world? Tape a Tale lets you do it and that too with ease. This amazing platform is a result of growing fruitful use of technology.

Now stories can be heard and shared without even writing and this only gets more and more interesting. All you have to do is talk and record. Record your tale or anecdote with any device [mobile phone comes in handy] and send it to their WatsApp or e-mail to their website. Your recordings will be received and their quality will be improved before sharing them to the world.

This platform of tale sharing is appreciated by a lot of people over the globe and is rapidly gaining popularity. The collection of stories available on their website is amazing and some of them are so wonderful that they will leave your eyes watery. Stories ranging from love to pain, from drug addiction to acid attacks, everything can be found on Tape a Tale.

It is a good habit to hear out people and their stories which we seldom do these days. So if you have something to share or else if you think that you are a brilliant story teller, grab the recording device near to you and record a tale and share. It is that simple.



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