Four Must-Have Bags


As the saying goes, a woman carries her world in her bag. Women treasure their handbags, giving them a lot of importance, lovingly stuffing them with everything from lipstick, mobile phone,  sun glasses to notebooks. We came up with a list of four must have handbags that meet your needs and gratify your style statement.


Baguette has been in vogue ever since Carrie Bradshaw made it noteworthy on Sex and the City. These are medium sized trendy bags have a lengthened shoulder strap, perfect for brunch with your girlfriends.


These bags are not just familiar with women,they are quite often used by men too..These casual bags have adjustable straps that are worn across the body for outings and shopping trips


These bags can accentuate any outfit and make your appearance look classy and stylish. They are quite popular among women. Considering the word tote means to carry, it can carry all your stuff and yet be durable.


The perfect bag for formal events and for those with an active night life. Holding only the essentials such as credit card, your lipstick, compact, cell phone and currency notes just the right amount, this is the bag a low maintenance woman would prefer.

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