Fight Those Monday Blues! – 8 Tips To Fight It

monday blues

Dealing with Monday blues…uff

Everybody is aware of the fact the Mondays are the worst thing that happen to a person after good weekend spent. It is evil in the form of a day and it takes one some time to get back to work mode, effected with a case of the ‘Monday blues’. The lack of motivation and strength prevails and everybody begs for the day to pass quickly.

monday blues

So damn accurate

While many people have their own ways of dealing with ‘Monday blues’, the others just succumb to work and the whole week passes in agony. People working in offices have to undergo all the negative vibes just to get the ability to work on a Monday. If you also are a patient of blues by Monday, this article will help you to sustain the day by following some points and we’re sure you will do just as good as any other week day.

Problem identification

When you enter work environment, you naturally catch some negative vibes and the energy to work is lost. What you can do is, find the reason which makes you uncomfortable to continue working on a Monday morning and work to solve the problem.

Prepare for Monday on Saturday

It is a convenient method to reduce the stress of Monday by working extra on a weekend and making all the arrangements for a good start on Monday. The starting of the week is lousy and hence preparing on Saturday can come in handy.

Make a list of things you will be doing in the week

This is a clever method to get you through the Monday laziness. Make a list of all the exiting things that you’ll be doing the next week. This will not only keep you motivated throughout the week, but will also give you time to plan your things in a proper way.

Unplug yourself for the weekend

It is advised not to open office work and emails over the weekend. It is best to leave office work in the office and start fresh on a Monday. Why to take effort and stress on a weekend when you would do it anyway in the coming week.

Get enough sleep

The best remedy to everything is SLEEP. Ensure that you get enough sleep over the weekends as usually in weekdays you do not get much time to sleep. Completing your sleep and getting up early in the morning will boost your mood and will keep you fresh in the beginning of the week.

Prepare a playlist for Monday

Act smart and prepare a playlist which includes all your favorite singles. This will definitely help you to have a good start to the week. Listen to good music right after getting up on a Monday and stay in a good mood for the whole day.

Have a light schedule on a Monday

Have a light schedule on a Monday and be stress free. Work light and be in a positive mood all day. Listen to music if you feel down and avoid over stressing yourself. This will boost your confidence and you will feel good.

Have a post work plan

Plan things to do after working hours. This will distract you from your Monday blues. Plan fun things that will uplift your mood and this will get you throughout the day.

These are few clever tricks to avoid all the Monday negativity and have a happy going week. 🙂

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