Looking to Buy a New Mobile: 5 Reasons why this Holi is the right season

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After spreading smiles of Happy New Year, here comes the most vibrant time of the year-time to spread love and Holi vibes. As said, this is the time to break free from all the “sores” and embrace the colour of life. Apart from the beauties and shades of this festival, Holi becomes that excuse to change the regularities into some premiums.

From fashion to home décors and electronics, it’s one of those times of the year where our eyes keep gnawing over festive discounts. Exactly! If you are planning to buy a new mobile phone, then you should this Holi is definitely the right season. Here’s why!

All eyes on Sales-Discounts, deals, and offers

Festive discounts? Why not?! Nowadays, Holi is not just about colors and sweets, there is more to it with new gadgets, technology, trends and more. Apparently, the festive sales are heading forward to provide significant discounts on almost all the popular categories.

All the products are made available at affordable prices on all the leading stores. Big e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal and Paytm have opened up the Holi sale to provide the online consumers a wide range of products at maximum discounts.

Talking about the smartphones and mobiles- the most preferred stores, Amazon and Flipkart are going to launch their Holi sales wherein the customers will be able to fetch more than 50% discounts on best brands.

Still wondering? Here are some reasons why one should shop for the Holi sale:

  1. Easy on the wallet- Having discounts in your hand and still not using them, is foolishness! These festive sales are introduced for consumer satisfaction, providing discounts and offers on the products that make it affordable yet efficient for the users to get their hands on desirable products.

When you purchase under sales, the net payable amount is automatically dropped down with generalized discounts applied by the online store. For an instance, one mobile costing Rs.19999/- is available under the sale at Rs.17990/-, even if it a 10% discount, it is decreasing the cost price for you. So why not grab it?

  1. Best for gifting range- Yes, definitely, when you require gifts for all your family members or relatives, you’ll love ordering them at discounted rates. Isn’t it? That is another reason why sales are a must. Under the sale period, there are some offers from different banks or e-wallets that might compensate for all your shopping expenses. Exclusive offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free or Buy 1 Get 2 Free is really convenient for gifting.
  2. Special Coupons & Launch Offers- Apart from the usual discounts, there is a certain set of coupons or deals that provide additional offers on purchases. On application of these coupons, some deductions in the net payable amount is made automatically.

Henceforth, you can either use special website coupons (the ones provided by the particular websites) or avail latest coupons by third-party websites that deal in coupon aggregations for its users, wherein you can easily explore numerous deals and coupon codes which, on the application, gives tremendous value backs.

  1. Bulk purchases are easy- of course, there is a long wait between season shopping. But with such festive sales, bulk shopping is made easy. You can buy all your fashion apparels, accessories and gadgets in one go, even for the upcoming season. Bulk buying will not even cost much as you are eventually rendered with commodities at bargained prices.
  2. Broader & wider choices- Cheap is the cost, not the quality. Following the festive sales, various products from different categories are carried at discounted rates but the options and quality is not something to compromise with. All the exclusive trends, premium gadgets and high-quality essentials are compiled under each sale which covers thousands of popular purchases.

Now there is no chance of any doubt of why one should make use of the Holi season to start the gadget shopping on! A little wait is definitely bearable but high costs are not. So, keep up the high spirits and let the exploring continue till the canvas of Holi sale is ready for you to splurge on. Add all your favorites to Wishlist and be ready because the stocks are cleared real quick under such festive sales. Shop under the Holi sale and get hold of more than enough benefits.

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