Experience The City of Destiny After Lights Out

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The city of destiny transforms into a city of lights when the sun sets. The city lights, twinkling stars and the beach lit up with moonlight make an amazing view which we can get lost in. Here are the five ways one can experience Vizag after lights out.

View from Kailashgiri

The view atop the hill, no matter how many times we look at it, always succeeds in taking our breath away. Be it during the day or night, one can always enjoy the view. But it is at night, when the city is asleep, that it looks its best. The lanes lit up with street lights make the city look like a reflection of the sky with millions of stars. So tonight, drive up the hill, pick a spot behind VUDA KAILASGIRI and enjoy the view of Vizag.

Midnight snack

If you’re a nocturnal person then you’re four meals per day kind of person. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack. There are many places in Vizag that stay open all night just to satisfy your midnight cravings. Restaurants like The Square Hotel in Novotel, Daspalla’s Executive Court and food plaza in railway station are at your service all night long. The Cafe Coffee Day in beach road stays open until 2 AM in the morning. So next time your stomach rumbles in the middle of a night or you’re in mood for a good coffee, you can head to these places.

Sit by the beach

Sitting by the beach and looking at the sea under the moonlight can be very therapeutic after a stressful day. Especially when the city is asleep and there is no sound of traffic or people, and all you can hear are the waves washing up the shore. A cup of tea or a coffee could only make it better. So the next time you feel like you need a break from your stressful life, you could simply sit by the beach while the city sleeps.

Drive along the coastline

Vizag has a beautiful coastline and is hands down the best place to go for a long and peaceful drive. When the city is as quiet as it is during the night, you could expect nothing less than a spectacular view of the beach road lit up with street lights and the sea lit up by moonlight. So tonight, go on a ride with your friends or your family and loved ones to enjoy a long quiet night along the beach road.

Speedboat cruise

Although this cannot be done in the middle of a night, a boat ride in the sea is something you cannot miss. Take a boat and set into the sea just before the sun is about to set. While you’re still awestruck from looking at the sun while it is setting down the horizon, you will be looking at the city and the coastline lighting up slowly along the beach which can make your evening. You can find boat ride facilities at the fishing harbour and Rushikonda beach. So if you’re wondering what to do this evening, this could be a nice option.

These are the five things every Vizagite is guilty of doing. Which one is your favourite?

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