How to reinvent your favourite Andhra Saris into 7 Modern Avatars.


Saris are true love. Amma’s saris, Ammamma’s saris and ours. We love a burgeoning sari stock. The hues, colors, prints, patterns, they all are so adorable about Andhra saris. Be it a peppy ‘Mangalgiri cotton’ or a statuesque ‘Pochampally pattu’ nothing looks better on ladies here. Across age groups, the 9 yards is a fashion classic that shall not pass. How to wear it in the present times though?

The sari is passed over for neo-fashionable clothes by the younger generation. While the grace and beauty of the sari worn traditionally is unsurpassed,we can give it a modern tweak.What we love to wear can be made a style statement. Minimal changes in style, accessories etc can take the sari looks from demure to killer. See how to…

  1. Choose a color and fabric that suits you through all seasons. Invest in it. While shopping this time chose modern colors in khadis with an earthy edge that stands out. Warm Indian skin tones look good with earth colors. So swap a fiery red for a brick red, yellow for khaki or ocher and bright blue for indigo. Khadis that let you breathe while looking stylish are your best bet. It will instantly amp your look.
  2. Less is more. Less reflects a modern taste. While we love our heavy borders and intricate work, minimal saris are far more modern. Let the fabric compliment your look, not overwhelm it. It is easier to wear and carry around. It’s better in Vizag weather too.
  3. Try wearing silver or oxidised jewelry. Give the gold a rest and take out the costume jewelry. Be creative and mix and match to give an edge. Wearing artistic jewelry lets your personality reflect and gives a fuss free look to your ethic wear.
  4. Go all out ethnic. Think bold bindis and kajal and bangles. The right accesories compliment a sari to amp it from humble to hoo-hah. Nothing is less. Nothing is more. Put on the kumkum and flowers but chose where to wear it. For a cafe brunch, a bindi would do. For a girls outing, a statement flower would do.
  5. When wearing pattus, richer the better. An investment by themselves and heirloom pieces, Andhra silks are clothes for Goddesses. When wearing silks like Pochampally etc, keep your make up and jewelry minimal. Go for classy colors, not loud. You are wearing the sari. the sari is not wearing you.
  6. Alternative clothing items give the most modern twist to your sari wardrobe. A waist coat well fitted or a shirt worn in place of a blouse. The possibilities are endless. It is no more just a blouse. It is a piece of clothing separate that requires equal attention.
  7. Have fun with prints and patterns. Chose a kalamkari or an ikkat from our coastline weavers. These saris tell a story and are conversation starters. Make them your friends for a bold impression. A sari never goes out of style. How to style it is one’s choice but the modern woman is doing it well. About time we aired our saris and raided Amma’s. Come on ladies!!Image source – All

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