Google Duo Apk Launched

Google Duo

Google launches its video calling app Duo. It was announced three months ago alongside its messaging app “Allo” at Google’s I/O Developer Conference. Duo will compete against Apple’s Facetime, Facebook Messenger and Microsoft’s Skype. This app will be available for both Android and iOS users. It is not very different from its counterparts other than its feature “Knock, Knock”.


Knock, Knock allows the recipient to have a glimpse of the caller, so that he/she can decide whether to answer or not. If you are the caller then you will notice a prompt that says you video is already visible to the recipient. On the recipient’s screen, the caller’s side will be visible as a lock screen given that the app is not open. You can also disable this feature if you wish.


The interface is easy to use. Before the caller makes a call he/she will be able to see icons of his contacts and after connecting he would be able to see himself in a small circle. It can adapt to any network easily and will easily shift from Wi-Fi to cellular data.


“The experience of video calling is more personal, inviting and easy”, said Amit Fulay, Google Group Product Manager.


For Privacy, all Duo calls are end to end encrypted. The user can register with his/ her phone number without creating a separate account.
The app is said to be available today but not yet in specific regions and asks for a pre-registration on  Play Store.

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