The Credit Card- a relationship friend or foe?

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We got used to think that money could help in any situation. However, things change when we talk about dating or any other type of relationships. Nowadays more and more couples break up and name money issues the problem. Today russian brides will try to demonstrate with bright examples in which exact situations bank accounts can become the final nail in the coffin.

So, go on reading and don’t forget to analyze the role the money play in your particular case. Do your best to avoid the following points and make your credit card a friend of relationship.

1. Materialism as the main goal

Many researchers prove that partners whose mission of life is earning more money are not happy in relationships. Romance is always on the second (or even third or fourth) place after wealth. In such relationships partners will always lack the money, therefore, lack all the other values like love, happiness, passion etc. The problem is not the money actually, but the attitude to it, even the general approach to life. Figure out with yourself and only then try to build something firm and solid with another person. Otherwise, all you can expect from dates and then marriage are endless problems and arguments.

2. Controversies in understanding

The previous paragraph was about both people being wrongly tuned. This one is about a person suffering from the wrong approach to money. Usually wasting bucks is one of the most frequent reasons for divorces. According to several pieces of research, when a partner feels his date spends money on unnecessary stuff, the possibility for a break-up increases in 45%. The science and numbers speak for themselves. Experts say that realization of good money administration is one of the keys for the happy and sound family life.

There is only one way out. No doubt, it is a discussion. When you are a married couple already, go on and plan your family budget together or at least create such if you haven’t yet. It is necessary to realize you can’t just take, but give as well.

3. Stereotypes

Can you imagine that traditional approaches that have been accepted in society for ages can be wrong? The world does not stay at one place, as well as types of jobs, tendencies and, actually, life. The spread of such a common thought that men should do business and women – sit at home 24/7 and care only about every-day expenses sometimes is wrong in modern families. Remember that you have to live the way you like, the way it brings you joy and comfort. Change the roles or even lay all the money issues on your partner, if both of you agree so. Society and laws do not work in personal life. It is time all of us knew that.

4. No Plan-No Result

One of the most underestimated reasons for financial problems is the absence of the plan. You should work on it together. The budget of the two of you is an unavoidable thing. Why don’t you use it in benefit and go to the Maldives next summer? Set the goal and move towards together. The work would be more productive, the desire to get up in the mornings will be much bigger and the relationships even much stronger. You will see. Even if your plans do not usually coincide, you would work in a team, make compromises and reconsider your aims.

It is a fact that people who have an adequate attitude to the money are much closer to each other. You know, how vital is to keep the connection and passion between partners. Having discovered some info about money, you can decide whether it is your friend or a foe. And in case of the last, correct the situation. You are the one to control your relationships, money and life. Good luck!

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