Coping with period pains while at work

Coping with period pains at work
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Period pain is a common part of the menstrual cycle; lucky are the women who do not experience it. But to the rest who do, for them, it is one of the most difficult times to deal with, especially while at work. The painful cramps are felt in the stomach which then spreads to thighs and back. The weariness, mood swings and period cramps make it difficult to concentrate on the work and the worst part is that you have to deal with it every month. So what would you do if you are at work and do not want to be distracted by the period pains? Maybe you could take an ibuprofen or Meftal Spas tablet for instant relief or opt for an immediate online doctor consultation in India, in extreme cases. But there are some more ways that may prove really effective. Here is a list of ways that may help to alleviate the period pains and make your work life a little easy. Read on to know more on how to cope with period pains while at work.

Take plenty of fluids –

Try to drink approximately six to eight glasses of water every day. It will help to reduce bloating and will ease the pain. Adding mint or lemon to the water may make it a bit tastier. Care should be taken that while you are on your periods you must back off the salt since it enhances retention of fluid which further leads to bloating of the stomach. Alcohol and other products that promote dehydration must be avoided.  Some of the women who have an upset stomach or suffer from diarrhoea in conjunction with menstrual cramps must replace the lost fluids by drinking plenty of water. If you do not like to drink plain water you may infuse fruits into it and take it early in the morning. Chamomile or ginger tea may be the other option as per your taste.

A good diet is a key – While you are on your periods eating right may help to fight that excruciating pain and cramps. It is advised that during your periods, food items that may take longer to digest must be avoided. Eating light food and a lot of fruits as well as vegetables like blueberries, cherries, bell peppers squash and tomatoes is always better. It has been observed that calcium-rich beans, green leafy vegetables and almonds provide pain relief during the period due to their anti-inflammatory properties. The foods that must be avoided during periods include bread, pasta, french fries, cookies, onion rings, crackers, and margarine etc.

Take medicine if necessary – In case the pain becomes unbearable and nothing else seems to work, it would be better to take medicines. Some of the medicines that can be taken to alleviate pain caused during periods are Meftal Spas tablet, Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve etc. But make sure that you do not make it a habit to take medicines very often as they may have some side effects as well.

Heat is the remedy – Applying heating pads, warm bottles, and heat wraps to your abdomen during periods help to relax the muscles and ease the pain. While you are in office you may carry an electric heating pad and use it even while you are sitting and working. In case you want to refrain from doing this, taking a hot water bath before leaving for office may also prove to be very relaxing.

Exercise and exercise – Certain women find exercising during periods to be a very relaxing activity. Light exercises like yoga and tai chi may help to relax abdominal muscles and alleviate the pain. So you may do a little exercise before leaving for the office to avoid the excruciating and distracting cramps. Also, keeping your core healthy may help to keep the abdominal muscles strong, thereby reducing pain.

Seek medical guidance – If you have frequent pain and it becomes unbearable every time, it is advisable to seek medical attention. Your doctor may check your hormone levels and put you on contraceptives or other medicines to treat the condition. If you are too busy and do not have time visit doctor personally you may go for an online doctor consultation in India. The doctors will thoroughly inquire about the symptoms and based on the information you provide will devise a well-tailored program to bring you relief.

Follow the above mentions ways and let period pains not affect your work life.

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