Clean Up – Detergent


Sampath Vinay 26
Year of inception: 2015
Initial investment: Rs.20,00,000

Found shelf space in local stores, online portals and launderers too

A unique locally-made detergent cum fabric softener

Clean Up was launched when Sampath realized that while supermarkets in countries like Hong Kong stocked locally made good-quality products, Indian markets were reluctant to do so. The main reason for this, he realized was a lack in quality and innovation. Also recognizing the potential of a locally produced and comparatively economical option, he decided to launch a detergent cum fabric softener. “A new product made locally is immediately assumed to be of cheaper quality. My idea is to change that perception”, he says.
To meet quality standards, thorough planning and research was carried out by chemical engineers and scientists from various parts of the country, including from Andhra University and GITAM. This team of experts designed the formula with research carried out in Chennai and other places. Eventually satisfied with the product, Sampath set up a manufacturing unit for Clean Up in Autonagar.
He obtained the required permissions and licensing and by April 2015, Clean Up was ready to hit the market. But this was a smaller challenge as compared to convincing a consumer base that was comfortable with the product of their choosing. He decided on a direct approach and set up stalls all over the city to showcase the benefits of Clean Up over other detergents.

His efforts towards changing customer perspective paid off with time and today sales have picked up. The product is now stocked in local departmental stores and online portals. It sells well in the city and its outskirts and has even been picked up by launderers. Even a major hotel has evinced interest in the product. Clean Up has widened its reach to Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and Vijayawada. Sampath has plans to scale up by foraying further and gaining national acceptance.

Apart from founding Clean Up, Sampath is the CEO of Trademaster Industries – a cement supplier, and pursues MBA in GITAM. When asked how he manages it all, he feels thankful for a supportive family, cooperative faculty and a dependable team in place that help him isolate from work and concentrate on studies during exams. He has had days when he wondered if not venturing into a new start-up would’ve been more profitable, but his zeal propels him forward.