The campus stories of 4 students from GITAM, Vizag

Gitam University

GITAM (deemed to be University) stands as one of the most popular universities in the city. A fun-filled tenure of 4 years here is made of many special memories, making student life pretty special. We interact with four students to try and get a sneak-peek into their GITAM lives.



Akhil Kannepalli, a Computer Science student, is a jolly, fun-loving guy who has a fair share of fans among the girls.

The most lovable thing about college

“The greenery and the overall atmosphere here made me fall in love with this place right away.”

Adda in the college

“Our gang primarily hangs out at the canteen. Also, we all belong to the same bus and have a lot to bond over during our daily bus journeys.”

Favourite food in the canteen

“The Paneer Popcorn at Pappa’s Pizza makes me drool anytime of the day.”

Group activity your gang thrives at

“Be it as volunteers or as core organisers, we love working together for our tech fests and other projects.”


Mohita Edara, is the topper of her batch and often turns out to be the saviour of many students during the exams.

One reason which your friends pull your leg for.

“For being the topper, obviously.”

A unique thing about college?

“Be it the temples, the canteens, or even its scenic locale, there are quite a few unique things about the college.”

One thing you’ll miss after leaving the college?

“I would miss all my friends once I leave this place. But I, hopefully, will carry a truckload of memories before bidding adieu to the college.”

How do you cope up with being the batch’s topper?

“I have never taken the topper tag seriously and try to put forth my best always.”


Aditya Varma, is the typical engineering student who loves having fun but also dreams of completing his education with flying colours.

Best college memory so far

“Working for our recently concluded fest was super fun and I had the best time here.”

Have you ever ragged your juniors?

“I haven’t ragged anyone as I try to be friendly with juniors and seniors alike.”

Most awaited day of your college life?

“Holding my bachelor’s degree on the day of convocation is what I am eagerly waiting for.”

Favourite bunk spot

“Whenever we bunk the classes, we keep hanging out at different canteens.”


Ruhitha Pentakota, is a B.Pharmacy student who loves spending most of the time on campus with her friends.

Favourite escapade from the classes

“We have a lot of fun during the fests when we even bunk the classes.”

Favourite Professor

“Gunna Ranjan sir. He teaches us Microbiology.”

Best hangout spot near college

“It has to be Rushikonda beach and IT-SEZ hub. We hang out at these places often.”

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