Campus diaries of Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology in Vizag

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Juggling their classes, deadlines, and having fun! That’s what college life is, according to these four students studying at Vignan Institute of Information Technology in Vizag.


Navya Nistala,  a student of Electronics and Computers, is quite a popular girl in her batch.

What makes your college special?

“We enjoy our freedom here.”

Favourite dish in the canteen

“The Manchurian Fried Rice.”

Unforgettable memory in college

“When I had to put together all the proofs and certificates, just to help increase my attendance percentage.”

Best hangout zones on campus

“Canteen, library, hostel road and playground.”

Ms Serenity

Hanisha Kasaraneni, a Computer Science Engineering student, is a silent girl who nonchalantly accomplishes quite a lot.

Favourite faculty

“Our English lecturer, Rasajna ma’am.”

Favourite subject

“Thanks to all the logical derivations, Engineering Mechanics (EM) is my favourite subject.”

One thing you would like to change about your campus

“Prior to our exams, our college timings extend up to 5:15 pm to complete the syllabus. Also, we don’t even get sufficient ‘Activity’ periods during that phase. I really hope the college authorities do something about these things.”

Mr Diligent

S.Naveen Reddy, a Mechanical Engineering student, is highly enthusiastic and lively.

One thing you love about your college

“Our college encourages students to develop their skills in different fields.”

How did your initial interactions with seniors go?

“From answering silly questions to paying their bills at the canteen, everything remains special.”

Your future aspirations

“I aim at becoming a successful Mechanical Engineer in a reputed organisation.”

Mr Kind-hearted

Manish Reddy, an Electronics and Communications Engineering student, is known for his kindness and generosity.

Your friends tease you regarding

“My height, period.”

Most dreaded subject

“Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (MPMC) is the most intimidating subject that I have came across in my course thus far.”

Most awaited day of your college life

“Our Convocation Day.”

Most embarrassing moment

“It was during the externals when people gave me strange looks just because I was all dressed up!”

Campus name: Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology

Location: Vizag

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