Vizag people opine on the city’s growing pollution

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While we know the benefits of breathing fresh air, the dust and smoke around us make us wary of what we inhale. A mix of toxic gases and particulate matter enters our system every time we breathe. While the primary culprits that adversely impact our health are high levels of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and ozone suspended in the air, the industrial area in the city adds to the pollution worries of the residents in Vizag.

The increasing number of vehicles in the city, the industries emitting smoke, the common use of air conditioners and other equipment are detrimental to the city’s atmosphere and increases our carbon footprint. While statistics tell us that we are better off than most other metros, we are not completely safe. The telltale layer of soot found on almost every surface and the growing incidence of breathing illnesses are alarming. The city needs to find a solution to air pollution, and find it quickly. The onus of fighting the problem lies not just with the authorities, but with every citizen. Vizagites look at the reasons and opine on solutions.

Alarming levels

Due to an increase in the number of vehicles in the last two years, the pollution in Vizag has reached an alarming level. The problem is more pronounced near the Sheelanagar Highway, where there’s a huge surge in the number of heavy vehicles. Also, the authorities need to keep a check on the usage of adulterated fuels that lead to hazardous emissions.

Ajay Kumar Anthony

City of pollution

If the current trends continue, the ‘City of Destiny’ would soon be called as the ‘City of Pollution’. It is unfortunate that despite possessing a rich green cover, our city is witnessing increasing levels of pollution. Felling of trees must be restricted and the authorities must conduct regular plantation drives at viable locations. Also, if they come forward with more innovative strategies to conserve the sheen of this beautiful city, it would help in bolstering its image to the world.

Chandra Mouli

The smell in the air

I walked every day at RK Beach but I had to discontinue because I couldn’t stand the smell in the air. My eyes would burn and I would also cough a lot. When I was younger, Vizag’s air was fresh and smelled like the sea. All I can smell now is coal and sulphur in the air, especially at the beach. This is probably because of the nearby industries and the shipping yard. Maybe if we had more trees in this area, air pollution will reduce.

Tahira Durrani

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