Visakhapatnam population 2019: City registers a remarkable rise from 2011

visakhapatnam population
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A recent study by the Andhra University Population Research Centre has revealed the population of Visakhapatnam. Based on the previously registered population data, the study estimated the population of Visakhapatnam as 24,48,405 for the year 2019. Interestingly, the working-age population (16-64) constituting 67.71% of it.

With Vizag witnessing rapid growth in multiple sectors, the city’s population has been registering a constant rise over the years. The numbers registered a growth of over 20% as compared to the previously registered 20,35,922 in 2011. Reportedly, Visakhapatnam’s population is projected to touch 50 lakhs in the coming 24 years.

While the increasing population highlights the fact that Vizag has emerged as a booming city over the past few years, the flip side reveals a worrying truth. The burgeoning population has placed tremendous demand on the natural resources and basic amenities in the city. Figures also suggest a surge in the per capita water consumption in Vizag in the coming years. With the recent summer already witnessing water shortage cause severe troubles across the city, a sustainable future would require alternative resources and smarter conservation techniques.

Rising air pollution levels, public transport, public health, vehicular traffic, and basic amenities are some of the other issues that need to be tackled effectively if the city is to accommodate the escalating needs in the coming years.

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