7 tips for a safe and sound Holi

Holi Tips

Holi, the famous Indian festival, which brings in joy, colours and love around. But with changing times this festival has started being slightly troublesome with all the chemical colours. Nevertheless, not playing Holi is never an option. Instead, one can take up a few precautions before the fun begins.

  1. Before putting on any colour do cleanse your face. Use a toner on the skin to make sure your pores are closed. And then, apply a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. This is a great option for your hair and skin. The mixture of oil will moist your skin and make a greasy layer on top of the skin upon which the colours will stick. It will later be much easier to remove the colours.
  2. Apply a transparent nail polish and trim your nails. The colours tend to slide inside the cuticles. The nail polish will keep the nails safe and colour free.
  3. Apply a thick layer of waterproof sunscreen
  4. Drink a lot of water and have a very fulfilling breakfast. You are going to dehydrate and need a lot of energy, especially while dancing.  Also, make sure you are drinking ample amount of water.
  5. Using chemical free, or organic, colours instead of the chemical based colours. This is the best idea as it will protect your skin and eyes to a great extent.
  6. Post Holi, cleanse your face well and apply a pack of gram flour and curd which will surely give you an extra hand in removing the colour from your skin.
  7. Organic colours can be made at home by using sun-dried beetroot bits. Grind all the dried beetroot bits in a food processor till you get a fine pink coloured powder. Mix gram flour to the beetroot powder to up the quantity and you are all set to use the pink colour.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Holi.

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