It’s International Aunty’s Day!

Aunty Acid
Picture Credit: Aunty Acid

We finally have a special day allotted for our beloved aunties. Despite the positive or negative impact they have on our lives, we are all thankful to them for their ‘invaluable’ inputs. This Aunty’s Day, we list out the types of aunties we’re all oh so used to.

“Acche marks aye iss bar? Accha, marks varks to theek hain, roti banane aate hain ki nahi?”

The “Nosy” Aunty

These are the aunties who do not have a nose since it’s always lost in our business. We have come across many aunties who are more interested in our lives than our parents. They seem constantly “worried” about us.

“Khao khao, tumhare liye hi banaye hain maine. Aur chahiye to bolna.”

The “Masterchef” Aunty

She is the aunty who has magic in her hands! Her food is so delicious that it makes you lick your fingers. They keep feeding you even if you are full and you eagerly wait for her arrival with yummy food. We all love her, don’t we!

Nancy Drew
“Simran? Vo Mr Mehta ki beti, par vo to Dolly ke saat thi us vakt, tum bhi unke saath thi?”

The “Detective” Aunty

She has her eyes literally everywhere. She knows all about us, our friends, our whereabouts and even their whereabouts! 

“Ladki pat gayi kya! Fist bump de oye.”

The “Bestie” Aunty

She is the aunty with whom you can share anything about, from secret crushes to bunking records! Anything at all. If you have an aunty like her then you are lucky as hell!

Aunty Mat Bulao
“Aunty? Aunty dikhti hoon kya main? Vo na meri shaddi choti umar mein ho gayi thi, varna main to…”

The “Mujhe aunty mat bulao” Aunty

She is the ever so young aunty, oops didi! She gets angry whenever anyone, even when a small kid calls her aunty. God save us from us!

Agony Aunt
“Bol na kya hua, itna udaas kyun hain?”

The “Agony” Aunty

She is the aunty you go to for advice. Whenever you are feeling down in the dumps or had a fight with someone or just cannot find a reason to be alive, she is the person to go to. She is like your second mum.

“Kini changi dikhti hain tu. Jeeti reh.”

While these aunties are sometimes crazy annoying, they are an important part of our lives. So, treasure them for life!

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