Things to keep in mind before buying Car Insurance in the UAE

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Are you thinking of buying car insurance for your brand new car, but you’re clueless from where to start? If yes, then fret not. In this article, we’re going to discuss the process of getting car insurance online in the UAE.

Before we proceed further, let us tell you that why buying car insurance is important for you. Choosing the right car insurance policy is essential as it protects you from the financial liabilities arising due to repair or replacement costs. In return, you will have to pay an annual premium to the car insurance company. In short, the insurance premium you pay to the insurance company provides you with the pre-decided insurance coverage. The insurance coverage helps to reduce your financial burden in times of trouble.

So, it is quite important that you opt for the car insurance plan that provides the maximum benefits. To help you find the right insurance plan for your car, we have mentioned some basic points:

1.Decide Which Type Of Coverage You Want

Before you purchase insurance for your vehicle, the first step is to understand the level of coverage you need. The car insurers in the UAE offer two types of insurance plans i.e. third-party liability insurance plan and comprehensive insurance plan.

Third-party liability plan offers the minimum level of coverage and only covers the legal liability of the policyholder in case of death of a third-party, bodily injury or damages caused to third-party by the insured vehicle. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance plan covers damage to car, theft, third-party legal liability as well as personal accident cover. This coverage is highly popular because it provides comprehensive insurance coverage to the policyholder. That is why comprehensive coverage attracts a higher premium as compared to a third-party liability plan.

2. Compare Car Insurance Online And Choose

Instead of calling an agent or visiting the nearest offices of insurance companies, you can get free insurance quotes online. It is the surefire way to grab the best deal. After getting a sufficient number of car insurance quotes, you can compare the features, benefits, and the price of the car insurance plans. This is the best way to come across the plan that suits your insurance needs. Comparing car insurance online not only helps to get the better coverage option but also helps to save your hard-earned money.

It also allows you to differentiate between various car insurers on the basis of their financial track record and claim settlement ratio. So, make sure you compare multiple car insurance plans before buying an insurance plan for your vehicle.

3. Search For Offers And Discounts

You need to look out for the offers and discounts that you can avail and lower down your insurance premium. These offers and discounts are indeed the best way to save your hard-earned money. Also, don’t forget to sign up for newsletters to stay updated about the latest offers. These offers can be utilized for your car insurance renewal as well.

Important Note: Accident-prone drivers may have to pay higher premiums. So, drive safely in order to keep your premium low and file claims only when necessary.

4. Select Suitable Add-ons

Some insurance providers prefer customizing their car insurance plans as per their individual insurance needs. Nowadays, a majority of car insurance providers offer various add-on covers to fulfil insurance expectations of the insurance buyers.

So, you can opt for numerous add-on covers like agency repair, GCC coverage, natural calamities cover, personal accident cover, and emergency assistance to extend the insurance coverage of your basic insurance plan. While add-ons come with a nominal insurance premium, the coverage they provide is totally worth it.

5. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. At the time of filling out the application form, make sure there is no room for any discrepancy. Make sure you follow all the guidelines and refrain from tweaking the information that you fill in the application form. Otherwise, your application will be rejected and you will be denied insurance coverage.

Final Words

If you are about to buy car insurance for your car then don’t forget to take a look at these basic things before buying car insurance in the UAE. It will definitely assist you in getting a better insurance plan.

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