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As major cities in India get costlier, here are 8 reasons Vizag emerges as a ‘liveable’ alternative

Mercer’s Cost of Living survey recently issued a list of the most expensive cities in the world in 2024, and major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Pune, not only made the list but also climbed higher up in the rankings as compared to last year! Mumbai stood as the most expensive city in the country, with a global rank of 136. As popular metros and major cities in India become more expensive, it might be time for Indian nationals and expats to turn to other liveable alternatives – like Visakhapatnam, which has so much to offer! That said, here are 8 factors that make Vizag a liveable city to turn to if you’re looking to migrate:

1. Lower rents

One of the most significant factors driving the shift to Vizag is the city’s affordability. As a tier-2 city, Vizag boasts a lower cost of living compared to major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Housing is more reasonably priced. For budget-friendly renters and buyers, areas like Kurmannapalem and Gajuwaka present attractive housing options in the affordable-to-mid segment.

However, if living in more modern, upscale locations is your preference, areas including Yendada, RK Beach Road, and MVP Colony cater to mid-to-high segment homes.

2. Expanding job market

Special economic zones and industrial parks established over the years make for an expanding job market and a conducive business environment. Andhra University even has its very own a-hub to nurture start-ups! The city’s industrial base provides a steady stream of jobs, contributing to its overall prosperity and economic stability. Vizag’s economy is robust and stable, driven primarily by salaried employees working in key sectors such as the port, harbour, and shipyard.

3. Great scope for future developments

With the GMR Bhogapuram International Airport coming up only 40 km away from Vizag, the city anticipates a lot of infrastructural developments and growth in the service sector. Not only will this result in lucrative opportunities in terms of employment, but it is also expected to contribute to a real estate boom.

A number of other developmental projects, including the metro rail project, Adani data centre project, IT concept city project, skill university and others have been proposed, and are expected to flourish under the new TDP-led regime. These developments are also expected to enhance the city’s employment prospects.

4. Good connectivity

The city has a solid public transport system. APSRTC’s buses are efficient and timely, and share-autos and vans are also available as alternatives, making commuting cheap. Moreover, Vizag’s traffic is rarely jammed and mostly free-flowing, meaning you’ll get anywhere on time. While areas like Gajuwaka and Sheela Nagar do pose some problems in terms of traffic management, authorities are working on it, and it remains to be seen how this will play out.

5. The people

Vizag is often described as a slow, sleepy city – but its people are always friendly, helpful, and looking for a good time. The slow pace of life comes from the significant population of older residents. If you’re looking for a place that lacks the stressful bustle that is typical of metro cities, this is where to come. After all, the people make the place, and the people of Vizag, make it one of the most liveable cities in India.

6. Prime location

Vizag’s scenic landscape needs no special mention, but with its beaches and hills, the city makes for a charming landscape to live in. You can spend your evenings with your toes in the sand, and your weekends at one of the hilly getaway spots like Araku or Paderu!

7. Safety and sustainability

Safety is a key concern for many when choosing a place to live, and Vizag excels in this area. The city is politically peaceful, with rare occurrences of riots or political agitations. This stability provides a secure environment for families and individuals alike. Additionally, Vizag is focusing on sustainable development, with initiatives aimed at preserving its natural beauty and promoting eco-friendly practices.

8. Amenities and infrastructure

Vizag offers a wide range of amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. The city has well-maintained roads, and efficient public transportation systems with frequent buses and autos. You can do your weekly grocery haul at cornerstone kirana

shops, or take a trip down to the noisy but vibrant Rythu bazar. Malls like D-Mart and Big Bazaar are also available for those who prefer to shop by aisle. Green spaces like Central and Tenneti Park are excellent spots to get some physical exercise on a free Sunday morning.

From Jagadamba Junction, where you can thrift clothes for cheaper, to upscale shopping malls like CMR, and from roadside tiffin stalls to drive-ins and luxe restaurants, everything is convenient and catering to many tastes!

At the end of it all, life in Vizag is simple but pleasurable: leisure by the beach, muri-mixture in the evenings, watching the city lights at night from Kailasagiri, and catching the first show at Jagadamba. Small things like this make Visakhapatnam one of the most liveable cities in India!

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