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9 Bad Habits Productive Year

A bad habit can be defined as a negative behavior pattern that slowly creeps up on you, and remains unnoticed till the damage is caused. These bad habits can have a direct effect on your productivity and even become a major hurdle between you and your dreams. So here’s a list of 9 bad habits that one must break to get more productive:

Impulsively Surfing the Internet

Avoid leisure surfing and take 15 consecutive minutes of focus before you engage in a task. This will help you reach a state of increased productivity called flow, which makes you five times more productive.


How can you ever produce something great if you don’t get started and give your ideas time? You can’t edit a blank page.



Meetings gobble up your precious time. So avoid meetings as much as humanly possible. Resort to virtual portals for interactions. Stick to the intended schedule & try not to lose focus.

Responding to messages/emails as they arrive


Don’t allow messages/emails to be a constant interruption, check them on a schedule and prioritize messages by sender.

Hitting the Snooze Button

When you hit the snooze button and fall back asleep, you lose alertness and wake up later tired and groggy. This grogginess takes hours to wear off.

Multi Tasking

It is a real productivity killer, when you try to do two things at once. Your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully.

Putting Off Tough Tasks

We all have faced the problem of decision fatigue, the state where one’s quality of decision making reduces and we start to look for ways to put off on tough tasks. To beat this decision fatigue, one must tackle the complex tasks in the morning.

Using your phone, tablet or laptop in bed

This is a big one that most people don’t even realize harms their sleep and also their productivity.

Eating too much sugar

Glucose functions as the “gas pedal” for energy in the brain. The right consumption of glucose is required to concentrate on challenging tasks.

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