Here are the 5 reasons to watch Justice League

When it comes to box-office collections, we all know that Disney’s ‘Marvel’ is way ahead of Warner Brothers’ ‘DC’. And we also know that Marvel and Kevin Feige are completely going to crush DC in terms of box office collections next year with ‘The Avengers Infinity War’. But what we don’t know is that there are still a majority of comic book fans who are on DC’s side. Because they know and understand that the box-office collections can never affect the nostalgia of ‘Gotham’s Dark Knight’ and ‘Krypton’s Alien God’. Oh and btw, Justice League is here.

Even after performing quite well at the box office, ‘Justice League’ is getting mixed reviews from the critics while a majority of the audience and DC fanboys are in love with the movie.

So, here are the top five reasons why you should rush to your nearest cinema houses to watch DC’s latest superhero team up ‘Justice League’.


#5- ‘ALL IN’

You may have watched the trailers and would have seen the phrase ‘ALL IN’ in every single one of them. And let me tell you that DC is not just throwing around the phrase ‘ALL IN’. They really mean it this time. When the league was formed and every single superhero was on the screen together, I travelled back through time to the days when I used to sneak into my school library and steal the comics from there. Now that’s some serious nostalgia effect. Even if you are not a comic book maniac, don’t worry. Your eyes will still pop out with excitement after seeing the league together on screen.

#4- ‘Steppenwolf’

No superhero movie is complete without a big bad villain, and Justice League is no exception. DC made a huge mistake by casting Jesse Eisenberg as ‘Lex Luthor’ in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’. And it made an even bigger mistake by introducing that stupidly overpowered ‘Doomsday’ at the end of the movie. But this time, DC has realised its mistake and tried their best to make things right. ‘Steppenwolf’ is in no way a perfect villain. The CGI of his face and body looked cartoonish at some places but the CGI in the scenes when he fights with the Amazons and Atlanteans looked legit and apocalyptic. At the end of the day, Ciaran Hinds’ Steppenwolf and his ‘Parademon’ Army were far better than Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and Doomsday.

#3- ‘The Flash, Aquaman, Wonderwoman and Cyborg’

After seeing the first look of this movie, the casting of every single member of The League felt in place for me, except for one- Ezra Miller. Grant Gustin was perfect as Flash in the TV series and after seeing it for years, Ezra Miller’s Flash in the trailers looked a bit out of place. But to be honest, he was pretty good in the movie. There were some scenes in which he tried to pop some jokes and be sarcastic, but they didn’t make me or anyone in the theatre laugh. So yeah, that’s a bit of a mess, but overall he was good. And there are a couple of ‘Flash’ moments in the movie which you can’t afford to miss.

Jason Mamoa– GIVE THIS MAN A MEDAL! Every time Jason was on screen, everyone in the hall went crazy. His deep voice, chiselled abs, messy hair, and long beard helped him to portray and bring ‘The Aquaman’ to life on screen. In spite of being serious, his one-liners and comedic timing were at times better than Ezra Miller.

Ray Fisher– I have never seen Ray Fisher in any movie before. But after seeing Justice League, I want to see more of him. Cyborg was sarcastic and comedic in most of the comics but Warner Bros. Chose to bring the serious version of him on screen and they made a pretty solid choice. The CGI was good and Ray Fisher’s acting was an added bonus. And yeah, he says his famous one-liner- BOOYAH!

Gal Gadot– I am not going to waste your time because by now, we know how awesome Gal Gadot is as Wonder Woman. We have seen her ace the role in her standalone movie. And she did the same here too. Her expressions in the slow-motion shots were stunning and she pulled the role in style. And I bet you don’t want to miss Wonderwoman in modern clothing!

#2 – ‘BATMAN’

So, the time has finally come to talk about ‘THE DARK KNIGHT’!

The very first shot of the movie, which shows the first glimpse of The Batman is-EPIC! It felt as if Zack Snyder had directly copied and pasted a scene from the comics. Batman is known for his Dark Tone, and his unique tone can be felt in the first five minutes of the movie. Ben Affleck is again great as batman. BUT, there is a little bit of confusion in the tone because for the first half of the movie, Affleck plays a Dark and Serious version of the batman. But in the second half he starts popping jokes and becomes sarcastic. This was probably due to Joss whedon, who was hired to direct the movie when Zack Snyder left. But keeping these things aside, Ben Affleck was great and Justice League is probably one of the best outings of Batman.


Okay, I’m not going to spoil anything for you because the return of superman has not been shown in any of the trailers and Comic Con clips. You already know that Henry Cavill is going to return as Superman but the main question here is- ‘How is he going to return?’

I don’t want to include any spoilers so I can’t answer your question. Instead of answering, let me ask you one simple question- ‘Why do you think I have placed him in the #1 spot in this list?’

I think you got your answer!

We thank Dangala Rajesh, one of our readers, for contributing this article. The views associated are solely associated with him.

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