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5 more complaints by the public from the city of Visakhapatnam

Last week we brought you 5 of the complaints we received from the people of Visakhapatnam. While some complained regarding the ordeal created by the auto drivers, some had problems with the single screen theatres. While these problems are not exclusive to Visakhapatnam, as one of our readers rightly pointed out, why shouldn’t Vizag set an example by mitigating them?


In the last few days, we received many other complaints from the people on our social media platforms.

Today we bring you 5 more complaints that have been widely mentioned. (Please note that the name of some of the persons have been changed on their request).

#5 No proper execution of the traffic rules- P.K Rao, Retired Teacher

“I have been living in Visakhapatnam for the past 40 years. One thing I noticed about this city is that no one takes the traffic rules seriously. Even the latest addition to the rules, the “No Helmet- No Petrol” rule is not being executed properly. Even though many petrol bunks in the city have already received a circular passing the orders to start executing it, they are negligent to do the same. The rules must be followed by everyone so as to prevent further stringent actions.”

#4 Traffic hinderance caused by the street vendors- Ravindra Prasad, Advocate

” The major problem that requires immediate attention is that created by the street vendors. They are slowly occupying the streets and creating major bottlenecks. Prime roads like the Daspalla hills road, the road opp to Viswa Bhavan Lodge, and many areas in MVP Colony are occupied. These people are resorting to hooliganism if objected. The authorities need to take the required action so as to curb this.”

#3 The Traffic menace- Brijesh, Student

“No one follows traffic order. The traffic seems to be in control only when a police is present at the locale. In the absence of a traffic authority, it is complete shambles. Very few drivers have the patience to let the other person go. Moreover, everyone wants to get going on their way irrespective of what the situation is. People need to apply thought and have a better traffic sense to avoid problems.”

#2 Stalking the women- Gayatri, Housewife

Stalking is one major issue that’s been pestering the city’s women for quite some long now. No woman feels safe to travel or walk alone in the dark. Generally, there’s always someone whose waiting for an opportunity to stalk a lonely woman. Sometimes, the stalkers even get physical and molest the victim. This needs to change to ensure safety for women in the city.”

#1 Injuring the stray dogs- Rajesh, Employee

“One of the most inhumane acts is to deliberately hurt the animals. I have observed that many a time the passers-by hurl a stone on a sleeping dog for no reason. The poor animal can’t retaliate and runs away in fear. I don’t understand how these people take pleasure in such things. Not only is this restricted to throwing stones. In fact, some people even kick the dogs and feel like a hero. If possible, feed a biscuit or something to an animal but please don’t hurt it.”

We certainly hope that authorities address these issues. Also, there are some problems that can be solved only if the realizations come from the public’s end. We will bring you other issues being faced by the public. Do let us know any issue being faced by you in the comments section.

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