Traffic Tantrums #2 – Slow wit and fast bikes. Dangerous combination!!

Traffic Tantrums #2 tells the not-so-heroic story of heroes on fast bikes in Vizag city. Let us get it clear right away – No one appreciates it. 

Umpteen number of times and on a daily basis that too, you encounter dare-devils on Vizag streets. Youngsters with a thirst for danger and just the right amount of foolishness put everyone at risk here. We will see how.

Scenario 1, 2.10 p.m, Gnanapuram crossroads: The colleges break for lunch and the students of the colleges are milling around, chatting or whatever. A few girl students try to cross the road to catch the bus at the other end. Unbeknownst to them, two romeos try to impress them by accelerating hard and raising the dust. The girls turn towards the noise. The boys give a sly smile while ‘checking them out’. They do not see the auto-rickshaw stopping to board passengers in front. They ram into it at high speed. The consequences, to put it mildly were not pretty.

Scenario 2, 9.45 p.m, Tenneti Park: The executives of a pharma company hold a get together in a fancy establishment in Bheemli. Bonuses are doled out and glasses are clinking to celebrate. A drop too much for the more sprightly employees. In high spirits they soar on the wonderful beach road towards Vizag. The RTC bus turning a blind curve honks twice but the sound doesn’t reach the revelers. Joyfully they accelerate towards the forward end of the bus.  The End!!

It sounds gross and grisly. True but what is to be done. Police check posts and traffic rules have not deterred the speed addicts. Stunts and racing are banned at places but the bikers just shift their location. The danger relocates with them to menace some other locality.

These bikers are motivated by a few common things in most cases. These are:

  • Hormones, adrenaline, high blood pressure etc etc.
  • Attention seeking needs, especially from the fairer sex
  • Ego and (distorted) self-esteem needs with peer group.
  • Too much punctuality and bad time management.
  • Easy access or capacity to buy swanky super bikes.

Whatever the case may be, nothing explains putting yourself as well as others at risk. We need to be watchful of these strutting heroes and maintain a safe distance. Wear a helmet always and if you are pedestrians, stick to the pavements and safe zones.

Traffic police does a lot to mitigate the risk but watch out for red flags on the streets anyway.

Red Flagged Humans:

  • Romeos who try to portray their admiration for dis-interested ladies by zooming, vrooming or making random stunts. You know the type right? Stay clear of them.
  • Daredevil stunts-men who should audition for action roles but haven’t. They try to make Vizag streets their personal movie.
  • Attired for office, marketing executives at peak hours of the morning. They are on a perpetual deadline and you should maintain a safe line near them.
  • Young couple in different states of embrace. Definite red flag for them because they are in a world of their own. Real life has no relevance for them. If it does for you, then do what you must. Run for your life.

It all sounds generally comic with a tinge of reality but the worst part comes last. Accidents are happening too frequently and helmets used little. Youth should thrive into adulthood not forsaken on fast bikes.

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