10 Things you should know before you travel to Vizag  

If you are travelling to Vizag anytime soon, then here is the perfect guide to this beautiful coastal city. It is always important to read up on a city before travelling, which will help you pack accordingly. From weather to food, make a note of these 10 tips before you travel. Visakhapatnam, shortly called Vizag, is a welcoming city with beautiful beaches on one side and luscious green mountains on the other. So, from enjoying a relaxed beach time to taking up challenging trekking routes, your experience in Vizag will be remembered for long. If this is your first travel to Vizag, these 10 things will give you a heads-up of what’s awaiting.  

Here are the 10 things you should know before you travel to Vizag 

#1 Choose the right season  

The coastal City is quite humid around the year. With its geographical location, Vizag has long summers and extremely short winters. But nevertheless, evenings in this City are breezy and more relaxed during the winter, starting from October to February. So, make sure to plan your trip during the winters and avoid the scorching heat of the summers.


#2 Indulge in the street food 

Though Vizag is home to several restaurants, the street food here is a must-try. The Old Jail Road’s Night Food Bazar has over 20 food stalls where you can try anything from bajjis to crispy cheese dosas. Another dish you cannot miss when you visit Vizag is the 555 Chicken on RK Beach Road. Allocate your evening snack or dinner to try these street foods over restaurants.  

#3 Remember! Vizag is a plastic-free zone

The City’s civic body announced Vizag to be a plastic-free zone on 5 July 2022. Since then, most of the tourist spots in the City have been declared plastic free, which means you will require to either carry your own cloth/paper bag or purchase one. Dedicated dustbins are placed across the City, so make sure to no litter the clean streets of Vizag.  

#4 The coastal city is addressed by many names 

Though famously known as Vizag or Visakhapatnam, this coastal City has had many names. With many rulers from the Dutch, French and British ruling over Vizag, this city’s name has evolved over the years. It is locally still known by the name Waltair and Vizagapatam. The Japanese called it the Bizagu Patamu in their records during the air strike in the 1940s.  

#5 Choose share-autos over cabs 

The Intelligent City is well equipped with local transport and has cab services running day and night. But if you want to save up on local travel or reach your destination quicker, choose the share auto. With just ₹10 in your hand, you can maybe even reach the beach road (depending on how far you stay). Remember, it’s a great way to interact with the locals who are your best travel guide.

 Travel Vizag in its most local form for the best experience. 

#6 Avoid visiting the beach on a Sunday 

As lovely as the beaches of Vizag are, they are packed with the local crowds on Sundays. Yes, we love visiting our beaches regularly! So, plan your beach day on any other day of your travel window and the clean and clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. Keep in mind Vizag has many adventure activities like paragliding and surfing.  

#7 A deep-rooted Buddhist culture  

The Telugu city is deeply rooted in Buddhist culture. It is home to many Buddhist sites, which give you an insight into the cultural influence. It is believed that King Ashoka spread Buddhism to this part of India and beyond. Apart from the famous Hindu temples, make sure to visit these Buddhist sites during your trip.  

#8 Home to numerous trekking routes 

The lesser-known fact about Vizag is that it is home to numerous trekking routes. The most touristy thing to do is visit the beach, but plan a challenging trek with various organisers across the City and enjoy the view from the top. The Eastern Ghats are a sight to sore eyes. Aramakonda, the highest peak of Andhra Pradesh, is one trekking route you must consider in Vizag.  

#9 Believed to be the City of Destiny 

It is believed that the Britishers named Vizag the City of Destiny as it was an important port on the East Coast of India. The term they mostly used gained prominence when the print media came to Andhra. In the 1970s, when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi came to inaugurate the Vizag Steel Plant, she referred to Vizag as ‘The Land of Destiny’. From here on, Vizag became synonymous with the term the City of Destiny. The city’s scenic views are sure to make you feel the same.


#10 Colonial buildings stand tall even today 

The people of Vizag did not believe in replacing structures built by the British. Colonial structures that are nearly 100 years old still stand tall and exude their history. From Town Hall, St Aloysius School, Queen Mary’s School (the then Collector’s Bungalow), and European Cemetry to the Victoria Pavilion, the structures have been preserved to date.  

Hope these 10 things help you plan your travel to Vizag better. Stay tuned to Yo! Vizag website and Instagram to know more exciting things about Vizag, the City of Destiny.

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