Unique experiences from other cities we wish we had in Vizag

Vizag is known for being a city that is more laid back and relaxed. Those who visit Vizag are often surprised by the absence of the craziness of other Indian cities. The people of Vizag often have a fair share of extra time on their hands for a bit of fun and adventure. The city does offer a host of activities to do and places to visit. But there are certain things that other cities have that tend to make Vizagites look with an envious eye. There are a few unique experiences other cities provide that we wish we had in Vizag. The City of Destiny is still growing, and there are a lot of opportunities that smart and well-exposed entrepreneurs should take advantage of. With everything from sporting activities to entertainment, there is so much that can become a part of Vizag’s life and culture.

Here is a list of unique experiences from other cities that we wish Vizag also had.

Music Festivals

The Hornbill Music Festival in Kohima, The Independence Rock Festival in Mumbai, and The Bangalore Open Air in Bangalore. These are just a few of the many music festivals that happen every single year in India.  Music festivals are a huge part of the cultures of other cities, and we wish Vizag had an opportunity to host such events too. With beautiful beaches and hills all around, the city would be an amazing place to host many rejuvenating music festivals and concerts. It is about time the city utilized these natural gifts in yet another way to boost its economy. There are already plenty of hotels and options for accommodation available, so the infrastructure is definitely not an issue.


Not many things come close to the experience of being completely immersed in nature. Camping is a great way for people to get back in touch with nature and also learn many important life skills. Vizag has several places around it that would serve as ideal locations for camping. With many lovely hill stations, beautiful nearby lakes and lovely weather during the winter months, Vizag can be an outdoor lover’s dream come true.

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India has a rich past in motorsport. Motorsport is also a growing trend of late. Delhi boasts the Buddh International circuit, which is known all over the world. Tamil Nadu already has two functioning race tracks. There are also plans for more to be built in the near future. Vizag has a number of people who could easily afford this activity. But there isn’t any place in Vizag, or anywhere nearby, where motorsport enthusiasts can get their dose of adrenaline and improve their skills.


Cities like Delhi and Mumbai are well known for their club culture. Mumbai has a rich history in this that spans back many decades. A place to go out and dance away worries and problems would be ideal for the youth of Vizag. To date, there doesn’t exist any dedicated club in Vizag. Anything that is even remotely close to a club in Vizag doesn’t offer the vibe that it should. Young people can’t keep partying at home all the time. The city needs a proper club life.

Bowling Alley

Another unique experience that cities like Chennai and Bangalore are famous for, which we wish Vizag had, is a dedicated bowling alley. For those who don’t like clubbing and partying, bowling allies are a heaven-send. Proper bowling alleys offer a safe and fun space for families or young people to go and hang out. Bowling is also an activity that stimulates the mind but leaves space for conversation with friends and family. A proper bowling alley with proper seating and a couple of snack options would be more than welcome in Vizag.

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